Saturday, April 5, 2008

Aid4families Exclaims: It's A Cook Book!

Aid4families challenges the FED on trip to the twilight zone.
Source: aid4familiesApr 02, 2008 21:15:41

PRLog (Press Release) – Apr 02, 2008 – In an episode of the twilight zone in 1962 a group of aliens come to earth. They win humanity over by eliminating all of the woes of disease etc. The clincher comes when they offer proof, a book they have which is entitled "To serve man". As the convinced people look forward to visiting the alien home planet for a vacation paradise, it is discovered that to serve man is a cookbook and all the gifts have been to prepare the lambs for slaughter. Rod Serling of twilight zone fame would be unable to create episodes more suspended from reality than our modern situation.

Currently the W administration is looking to EXPAND the powers of the fed banking cartel. So the reserve which just proved inept at managing the market participants and used czar style tactics to tax the American public to bail out criminals, is to be made more powerful? The reserve isn't alone in the blame. Market regulators which spend their time removing competition and courts which preside over dual interpretations of the law. Trillions are gone, due to fraud and greed but no organization at the helm of this disaster is being raided, shut down or perp walked in handcuffs. This was the mistake made a century ago when the reserve was given these sweeping powers and now as punishment, they are going to double. For it to be fair, the reserve banking cartel would have to answer to the public but to "protect" them from public influence they are a private organization. This is an important distinction, since it is the public that is to be coerced,manipulated and sacrificed for the greater good of the member banks and markets. There is no one to challenge it. The current administration and the aspiring ones are cheerleading the bailout corruption rewards because banks are good donors. Lawyers run commercials for medical malpractice and slip and fall they don't run gouged by bank fee ads. The last estate, the free corporate commercial media can't look a gift horse in the mouth. Recently, while watching all the Sunday morning political shows, I noticed over 90% of the advertising was for a bank. Ubs,rbs,Ing etc. On and on it went with no shame as I watched it influence the discussion. More and more about a pastor instead of the economy. All last summer/fall it was britneys' kids and other nonsense, while dismissing the looming crisis. The only time the media does a story is if some "analyst" or "economist" on a direct or indirect payroll goes on the record. If the media "investigated" the way they do with shade tree mechanics,credit card thieves and car lots, they may have saved millions of jobs and homes.

The reserve doesn't need more power, the regulators should spend some of their energy enforcing the laws equally. What this means in practical terms is Judges, prosecutors and regulators look to put small $2 Million dollar operators behind bars for years to protect the cartel. Without a hint of irony when $3 Trillion dollar operators actually commit earth shattering crimes then they may be fined with no jail or admission of wrongdoing. If the calamity of greed and theft is of epic proportions (like now) then they are rewarded. Other members of this master scheme like the ECB and BOE (central bank UK/europe) have decided that instead of being a voice of reason for this power grab, are stating that they are looking to grab the same juice. One side says that the fed needs more power to regulate and the opposition says that it's a lack of regulation but the truth is that it is a cultural reluctance to ENFORCE rules on the book. The answer is not to encourage more of the same unless you admit to wanting greater disasters more often. Remember everyone that is advocating greater power for the fed is fighting more consumer protection,government and public oversight, and stricter laws. Bank man speaks with forked tongue. By all means board that ship to their financial paradise. Just remember the new reforms to "Better serve the public" is a cook book.

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