Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The true definition of a Ponzi scheme.

What is a Ponzi scheme?

A ponzi scheme is an organization with strong ties to private and public centers of power.

A ponzi scheme must first be able to dominate it's image through media outlets who exchange influential positions as experts for ad revenue. Generally, the print, radio or tv organization will quote and or interview from organization/bank (x) while carrying ads for them. It seems reasonable that recently it dawned on everyone that these "experts" would have to disclose if they had a vested interest in the success of the investments that they recommended to reveal their conflict of interest. It would be better if the media outlet would end the segment with how much financing they receive from bank (X), ad revenue and how much investment the organization has in that outlet or any of it's subsidiaries.

A ponzi scheme must wield uncanny clout in the corridors of power. In a situation where there is increasing outrage about using public depositors funds for personal bonuses to keep up exotic lifestyles while failing (at their job to make money), it's nice to know that you will be receiving MORE public funds with no whisper of indicting, raiding, closing, prosecuting or convicting anyone.

According to our blood money recipients (media and government), the economic downturn exposes lack of expertise, fraud and ponzi's like madoff and standford. This economic downturn somehow failed to expose and cause media derision & government assault on scotia/caisse or jpmorgan/bank of america. They hear the public outcry for punishment about the inequity in them going unpunished and spend day and night arresting and running stories about relative small timers whom you've never heard of and don't affect the public at large.

Maybe charles ponzi would be proud of madoff but he definitely would be more proud of the g-8 governments and media outlets, that are still attempting to talk past the crimes by these organizations that brought civilization to it's knee's.

Now exclude these organizations from the ponzi scheme checklist:

This is the type of trivia that has your mind racing to keep all banks from being ponzi schemes. Unfortunately for our corrupt friends in the media and government the law requires guilt to be based on the accepted practices of an industry. This means a judge who doesn't know anything about running a nuclear plant can't simply find someone guilty of acting recklessly at one. The first measure is to find if the person acted in a credible fashion for his/her occupation/industry e.g. it can't be reckless if it is the standard practice and would have been the action of 9/10 other informed professionals.

How this applies to all of the ponzi/fraud cases out there is how can a public constantly exposed to banks expect anything other than those practices listed above. Since these institutions are considered the standard bearers of the industry, how can a prosecutor not look to them for what would be acceptable practice.

You ever notice that most of these people have some banking/brokerage background? It would seem that they picked it up from the source and after watching media and government confer so much reverence and respect on these organizations, figured that this must be the proper way to do it. What a shock it must be to wake up arrested while your mentor continues to receive support. If some of these people are crooks, we know they learned from the best ;)

p to the mutherfkn s

A washington post article referred to bankers as casualties of the economic downturn. The point of the article was actually just to put that lie into the public psyche. It is outlandish right now while it's happening and fresh on everyone's mind that the banks are the culprits. Sell that ad space, dawg!

Here's a refresher: Northern rock a british bank experiences a run(when the legitimate banks are asked to make good on all of their statements and can't).

google some "legitimate names for your future investments: Bnp paribas halt's withdrawals:

UBS helps wealthy steal from federal government. Remember bear stearns and lehman bros.? Oh and don't forget the state of cali FORNia wih AH-nold. Weren't there banks called wachovia and washington mutual once upon a time?

Also governments around the world are creating "bad banks" to buy all the red ink off of the banks balance sheets. So that they can survive and we can pretend that they weren't inept crooks who destroyed 50 years of generated wealth. This is like someone buying all of your debt from you with cash, your bad credit is purchased from you and cleaned up, while you keep your assets. We all could benefit from a corrupt deal like that, hell most of madoff clients would be better off it madoff would have made the list of corrupt titans eligible for a bailout.

What industry and government crony told the post to print this nazi style propaganda?
No wonder all the media outlets are going bankrupt.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Monkey economics for a banana republic

Monkey economics for a banana republic

Hello to all you first world chimps, welcome to the state of fiat supremacy. We have (under your very noses and fat bellies) created the greatest oligarchy in history. Here's a summary: generally an elite ruling class would need to hoard material wealth, gold, land or other tangibles then control access to them. The fiat oligarchy allows us to create a state of global debt bondage by manipulating keystroke wealth (wealth that only exist in digital form on computer screens). We simply add as many zeros as we like and our wealth grows instantly and without any need for the actual creation or use of anything. What would be considered pathetic cronyism and corruption in the rest of the world is considered sound economic fundamentals in the west. What I love most about our Rothschild style central banking oligarchy is we pick the winners and losers. For over 60 years westerners have felt very privileged to feel a bit better about themselves thanks to fiat debt. A fiat (faux) middle class of people feeling superior to other nationalities and ethnicities because they didn't receive the same access to fiat based credit. Our plan wasn't simply to bloat your ego but to have you become addicted. We were amazed at our success and how so many of you were willing to pay back money plus interest on money that never existed. For a few fiat zeros you guys would sign over your lifetime of work, even though we would never really allow you to "own" anything. When we foreclose on your home it's not to repay money that we lost but to actually allow us to take something of value for our digitized fiat. We'll take your home and all your future wages to pay back money we never really gave you.

It's awesome I'm enamored with our brilliance. So lets talk third world, which ironically no longer exist since the fiat crisis has been a great equalizer. Every nation on the planet is promising another entire generation of bondage to repay a debt based on fiat. The yoke will be higher prices and taxes in a futile attempt to become "fiscally sound" (like we'd let that happen). Have you ever noticed that every government "surplus" is followed by a deficit? The hope of ever escaping digitized debt bondage is only for the morale of the weak minded. Weak minded people who keep trying to pay off credit cards no matter how many times the loan amount is paid. I wish more of you could be part of the elite oligarchy but it wouldn't be elite then would it? God has chosen you and your fellow chumps...oops I meant chimps (sorry) to be part of an indentured/indebted class, like black sharecroppers after the "abolition" of slavery.

Let's go over the details of your banana status. Imperialism created banana republics, most of these former colonial holdings were treated as factories to supply sugar and yes bananas to there imperial predators. Once colonialism was "over" these nations were still stuck with an enriched elite from their feeder nation days. Like diamonds, gold, sugar and again bananas and no indigenous group created Debeers or Chiquita. Then you need first world goods so you can "develop" so you have to sell sugar, rice and yes bananas to buy these things. first it's going to take a lot of bananas to purchase earthmover's and airplanes and even more spiteful the imperial predators subsidize thier farming industry and have you compete against other feeder nations to drive the price of your commodity down. Next comes the idea that they will loan you the money to get on your feet but they will need to be in complete control of your government until the loan is repaid (neo-colonialism--from the west run IMF/world bank). First order of business is to let huge multinationals take over your resources, water, land, oil, gold etc. Second, deprive your citizens of the resources and improvements that you took out the loan for in the first place, so you can lower taxes to create room to repay the loan. Compliance will bring about civil unrest and defiance (trying to use the resources for the citizens) will force them to finance a proxy war, isolate your nation or invade. At the very least you will be marginalized like Chavez for pushing the IMF out of the America's.

Being the xenophobia racist that you are we know that you loathe to empathize with a non-western/white nation. In this instance I think you should make an exception, so that you may familiarize yourself with the procedure that we have perfected on these mud people nations. The funny thing is that the manufacturing & production base have long been sucked out the west, so most western nations don't even have bananas to barter with. We'll have to call you the non-farm having,fishing, forestry, mining defunct, dead manufacturing republics. We've added cars, aeronautics, engineering and medicine to the global list of tradable commodities. So now you will have to prove to me why your engineering work is worth more than that of the son of a rice stomper in china or why your medical opinion is worth more than that of a doctor in rural India. Efficiency drives the marketplace, so we told the banana producers that they would have to grow more and make them cheaper. During the now defunct industrial age, factory workers found themselves competing globally. I'm a little (just a little) sad that we were not able to give you at least a generation of false security in the information age but we all know time is fiat. We couldn't wait to move the call centers and have your x-rays examined half a world away. I really don't know what fat, spoiled, pasty westerners have to offer in this NEW new economy. Actually, I hear that a zoo in the amazon is looking for disillusioned westerners to grow bananas for the monkeys.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Duplicity or Stupidity

Frontpage from aid4families:
Prosecutors said that the people that believed that an economic 9/11 was coming in aug. 07 were "weak naive and greedy", obviously since the banks remained great stewards of the economy and lived under the same laws. Also we know that an economic explosion never occurred--yeah right?

Most people don't know what I'm talking about but most people think the crisis started six months ago, so...

july 2008--- A year after I continued to warn people and spending articles telling the rest of the world they weren't immune to the crisis, I see this. Bank of canada says, worst behind us circa summer 08.

Where was the AMF for the six banks and the 34 billion in ABCP or deceptive banking practices that the government still refuses to address but makes arrest for with everyone else?

The Caisse de Depot chief: after running the ponzi scheme with the other Canadian banks for a $36billion debacle, drying up the entire pension system in Quebec. He simply talks down to parliament then takes a cushy job next door.
The unguarantee guarantee that was too crooked for wall st. The guarantee on the ABCP ponzi in Canada was so crooked that even the vipers on wall st. wouldn't rate it and called it "worthless"

I read in court about the Canadian standard of proof for fraud and was given the impression that fraud is "whatever we say it is and we know it when we see it" yeah see if that allows you to forgo the burden.

Jail as repression, jailing Mandela protected apartheid, jailing Christ stop Christianity, jailing MLK kept segregation or does it just piss people off.

These people had the audacity to be offended that I was saying the system was hypocritical but here's the test.

question 1. Is every regulator, law maker, law enforcement officer, court and prosecutor aware of complaints and lawsuits and complaints about abusive, deceptive-fraudulent practices by the banks. Yes OR No? if no, then why not?

question 2. How many have been raided and shutdown with all the depositors refunded and damages awarded? 1 of the the top 6 Canadian banks, 2 of the 6, 3 of the 6 or none of the 6. If none, then why not?

Why does too big to fail really mean too chicken shit to try to jail?

Basically, if a bank CEO blows your brains out in broad daylight on a busy street with video camera's watching, the only thing that would come of it is your family would receive a bill for the bullet.
Everyone admitted that I hadn't violated the criminal code, the investigators for the RCMP and the securities commission. I can't rely too much on it since neither did an actual investigation before bringing charges.

Only violations that occurred involve selective prosecution. The violation of duplicitous cowards trying to create deceit in a contract that I published online that people could read in advance or send to their attorney. On the other hand we have pages of deliberately archaic disclaimers and confusing text in bank and investment contracts but no raids or closing of bank of America or bank of Montreal by the RCMP or FBI.

They tried to put words in the customers mouths, tried to misread the website but all I ask is where is that benefit of the doubt, like you have for that bankcard your carrying? On the other hand if you see fraud under every tree, in every word and every phrase then all of the banks should be gone by year end because there contracts are a landmine of deceit and dishonesty.

In this crooked sham of a ruse they believe that they can keep misapplying the law and make it up as they go along. So I'm glad that they picked me and I'm glad that they picked this moment in history when everyone is losing everything because they were too busy jailing bank competitors and looking the other way for for the banks misdeeds.

Said I addressed fraud in my statement to the police and in my video evidence and my testimony as proof that I was a crook. What was I suppose to talk about, underwater basket weaving? You're the fool that charged me with fraud and when I address it head on it's proof of my guilt?

I let them know that they can try to cover for each other as long as they see fit. Add wrongful conviction to malicious prosecution to false imprisonment, it won't be the first time. The thing I know for sure after 2 years of this BS is that I will still be the one to finish what they started and will plague them to their graves. 20 years from now people will still be asking them about this case and why they thought they could pull a Omar Khadr.

Their problem is that Canada doesn't consider itself a feudal, bigoted, repressive society and wrote up equal protections in it's charter and constitution.

Like all western democracies the practices couldn't be further from the ideals. So occasionally someone has to hold a mirror up to the society in it's supreme court and demand and explanation for the disparity between the self image and reality.

I consider this ordeal part of the growing pains for my organization because I won't have to deal with any slander about fraud or scam. I was offered a year of probation a year ago before the trial. After I refused, I was sentenced to a de facto sentence of one year because they didn't have the case PLUS prison time is back on the table. That's what happens when you're innocent and opt to clear your name instead of plead out.

We're concerned about the sane things, the effects on our children and life but I am not concerned that a conviction could be based on the prosecution getting in the ballpark of fraud. If I'm convicted I will mail everyone involved copies of bank contracts from every bank( you know, since they see fraud in every word or deed, right?) Like Obama said for our entire lifetime everyone has needed a magnifying glass and a reference manual for bank contracts. As Dick Durbin admitted (senior senator) The bankers run the place (Washington-law makers and courts). The finance minister in Canada told Canadians not to get their hopes up for the Harper administration to crack down on bank fraud. He wasn't talking about not arresting or prosecuting them, he was only talking about not bothering them with the request to not rip the public off so much.

Yes, now is the time to convict the organization that warned people about the crisis a year and a half before the media or government admitted it. Yes, it's time to convict the organization that didn't put a limit on how much interest they PAID people (which makes you a crook). The people that grease the courts and cops hands still have no limit on how much interest they can CHARGE people. So I can pay 30% or 500% a year but it has to be to a bank or pawn shop, NOT a working family.

If I go to jail for something that stupid, I'll expect Christmas cards from hell from these people because that's an automatic ban from heaven and you have to hate god to defend one practice and persecute the good one.

What I should do is put Scotia bank or JPMorgan at the top of the contract and change the payments to interest charges, so they will be to cowardice to bother me.

No one involved knew a thing about investments or it seems private contracts either. They were so busy talking about red flags and the inevitability of failure for my organization that I never was allowed the opportunity to consider a crime.

When Tom cruise came out with minority report, I thought it would be about the over prosecution and sentencing disparities for minorities. It was close since it was still about arresting people before a crime based on dreams. He was very gung ho until it was turned on him and I can imagine if any of my attackers were tried with this case. Actually I can't since people commit suicide for less stress than this and hypocrites are twice as prone. You ever notice when cops are in trouble in movies they fight the investigation then when it comes time to pay their debt to society they shoot themselves?

Conviction, prosecution and investigation would all be based on the same collective delusions and insanity.

The prosecutor in his short incoherent summation only tried to inflame the courts prejudices by trying to compare the program to a ponzi scheme. Also by saying how little either of them need for a fraud conviction(the practice of the law--not the letter and for sure not the spirit). Selective prosecution says that if they can't find it in the organizations that own the homes(conflict of interest) then they shouldn't be able to find it anywhere else.

They took issues with my video statement even though I was reading, from supreme court lawyers, members of parliament, media quotes of government officials. It was clear that this was fair( a room full of white guys glaring at us).

It boiled down to the fact that they convicted people of fraud for claiming to use the money for a purpose such a buying a certain stock but the people did nothing but pay the people their own money (like Madoff saying he never made a single trade but sent people statements saying he did). Aid4families did the OPPOSITE, made no claims to the specifics of the investments and THEN MADE INVESTMENTS. Despite this being the total opposite of a ponzi scheme and the justification for all the other ponzi/fraud convictions, they remain undeterred in attempting to twist the law and torture themselves into a way to stretch reason and sanity to include us.

Watch this video!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

War on the money changers: Diangel to continue the work of Christ against caste bank.

There isn’t supposed to be a Christian church and there shouldn’t be a system of oppression by usury.

Churches like banks are nearly incidental. The sacrifice of Christ was to eliminate the system of exploitation by government and temple for a promise of paradise in the afterlife. The church came from people who agreed that they didn’t need to go to temple to reach heaven and chose to have their own meetings for guidance and encouragement. Then the eastern Roman Empire purchased Christianity and helped form the autocratic bureaucracy it became. The money changers would only allow their own coins in the temple and the temple as the only way into heaven. So they were enriching themselves with an ever increasing spread in currency exchanging (forex). There is a belief that the Jews killed Jesus but the reality is closer to bankers. You might consider the radical and heretical issues of undercutting roman rule or religious doctrine but it doesn’t get you killed.

Messiahs are a dime a dozen

In the time of Christ as is the case today, there is no shortage of people who feel inspired by the divine (yours truly included). The FBI ran a program called co-intellpro to thwart the civil rights movement and the rise of a “black messiah” (has there ever been one that wasn’t black?). This makes it clear that whenever a group is oppressing another that they will try to stifle hope by suppressing leadership. In the time of Christ, Judaism and the roman occupation were no different and were very sensitive to the rise of any leader. Christ was a mediocre leader by general standards, his core followers were few, teachings were simplistic and he had neither finance, charisma nor weapons to force change. This lackluster organization has even managed to create the question of whether Jesus actually lived. As a morality tale it predicts one significant omen; you can’t change the world of man without confronting the moneychangers. Put into its proper perspective confronting the moneychangers becomes the turning point in his career and makes him a legitimate hero/threat. Alleviating oppression is the fastest way to prison, execution and assassination. Fighting societal oppression wouldn’t have made Jesus the Christ but it did facilitate his divine destiny of sacrifice. The venom and hatred that forced his execution, allowed him to liberate the poor by becoming their dove of sacrifice. An unassuming man completely broke the back of centuries of religious sacrifice by offering his blood in perpetuity. People of course continue to try to purchase a ticket to heaven but at least they know they don’t have to.

Me and Christ have a lot in common

People have asked me about comparing myself to Jesus the Christ, which I find odd as a Christian. As a Christian you have a responsibility to constantly compare yourself and your life to Jesus. Your entire life is supposed to be a close approximation of his example. In my life the things I share with Christ besides both being celebrities from the bible is a battle with money changers in my 30s. I went to tell the people (this time on a website) that credit and banks weren’t your ticket to heaven. I also demanded a more egalitarian system of commerce. A moralistic difference that simply stated the money should work for people not just the other way around. I even went that extra mile and started giving wealth directly to the masses. This is a hysterical taboo as evidenced by the unrelenting venom obama is facing. There was no shortage of writers and speakers about the evils of the national and global banking system but I did something no one else dared to; I actually fixed it and put the remedy into practice. There can only be so many conferences, books and campaigns, eventually the people need someone to take action and wake up in jail. WWJD what would Jesus do? Indeed! And In deed.

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