Friday, May 9, 2008

While investors writhe in pain the sipc stalks aid4families

Investor calls to the SIPC probably aren't returned because they are busy stalking us. ( actual visit )

Have you no shame?!?!? I couldn't take time to write yesterday due to court were the crown was a no-show for the second time in 5 months. Though the crown was attempting to avoid another setback we did receive a visit from the sipc. Now the inbreds in their parents basement, media and corrupt government and industry hacks would like you to believe that we're the problem. Why would an agency that should be burning the midnite oil making investors whole from taking part in the greatest economic sham in generations be pestering us? I would hope that it's not to intimidate us. That hasn't worked, everyone whoever said anything bad about the organization has been taken to the woodshed and there hasn't been a peep on the internet in 6 months. Like the man says "accounts of my demise...". I don't know while I'm fighting government, industry and media organizations to a standstill, why a half-baked shell group like the sipc would expect to have an effect that they couldn't.

The sipc like the cipf here in canada should be broke by now, since their low cash balance can't cover the fraudulent losses investors are suffering right now. It has been one year since the amf issued the now infamous and ill advised cease and desist order. Now the rcmp and crown are unhappy after being goaded into this wild goose chase. It's all boiled down to an endless tally of actionable damages that end with a lot of zeroes. How did this happen? Well every pimpled geek and industry hatchett man decided to try and bury the organization, AGAINST THE INTEREST OF THE PEOPLE WHO WERE ACTUALLY PARTICIPATING IN THE PROGRAM!!!! Unfortunately they picked the worst year to cheerlead the corrupt banking industry. It looks totally different a year later to try and call us a scam while the world economy burns and the government and industry get into a finger pointing match. I didn't tell people that there was a such thing as investor's insurance so they wouldn't go broke like they are. I didn't tell them that there money sits safely at the bank ungambled. I didn't tell people that banks and brokerages would always be liquid and wouldn't have to search for cash and bail outs. I didn't give risky assets high credit ratings. I didn't spend the past year lying about the health of the economy or banks. The media hasn't printed a thing the rcmp or crown has said since the first week in november because we told them to get the facts straight. The media believes the opposite of what your mother taught you, they believe if you can't say anything bad...then don't say anything at all--so the silence has been defeafening across the entire internet. See, people can say what they want but I'm telling them in plain language that they are lying and daring them to prove anything they say. People hiding behind avatars, profiles and agencies can say what they want but don't let your ego goad you into a situation where you have to put up or shut up. There was a line around the block of people wanting to talk the talk, now running like roaches with the lights on when it's time to walk the walk.

Back to the sipc. I'm not picking on them there's plenty of blame to go around in this sham of a shell industry that has brought the economy to it's knee's. The sipc didn't destroy the american economy alone. They provided the guise of security that helped lure unsuspecting investors into the trap. But hey, who is going to arrest them? No one hates deceit, fraud, or theft in any sincere way, now do they? Just when they think they can say it about us, if you switch the word aid4families to bank of montreal, bank of america or jpmorgan they quickly avert their eyes afraid to offend their betters. So you're no advocate, you're a coward. If you weren't you would want to save the public against ALL enemies. The sipc had the nerve to write to our hosting company a few months ago and demand they remove our website(you can see how well that worked out). They tried to make it seem as though our conviction was absolute rather than absurd and like they were some industry regulator(which they aren't). I informed the hosting company that it was not my job to write what the sipc likes and it would not be wise for them to remove the site. Let the sipc go the LEGAL route, not the mobster route. The legal route has worked for them the same way it has for everyone else--a dead end. Then I contacted the d.c. attorney general and made a complaint. I haven't heard back yet about how the AG is raiding the sipc's offices and hauling them off to jail yet. I guess there are those of us who dictate the law and those of us who are simply subject to it.

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