Thursday, September 25, 2008

Black president to address global economic meltdown

When the wall came crublin, tumblin......doooowwwnn! Aid4families chief is expected to release a video commentary about the current intertwined situations. The video will be released to media outlets worldwide and available online on blogs at blogger and telegraph UK.

Background: in 2006 aid4families was launched as an alternative to the greed based global financial system. The program focused on cost savings of lower overhead and streamlined logistics to benefit program participants. Ignored, mocked and ridiculed the program was still able to develop a loyal following of progressive and well-read clients who were able to weigh risk objectively. By mid 2007 the program had built a head of steam and was on course to rival the entrenched financial structure. Regulators, enforcement and media who played large roles in the success of top-heavy bank culture, now went out to dismantle and discredit the more equitable alternative. In the absence of a crime the autorite in quebec elected to issue a cease and desist order, then several months later after that failed to produce a single complaint or derail the program, they moved to seize the company funds. By blocking payouts they contacted depositors to force them to complain to the rcmp. The RCMP aware of the deception by the regulators continued the rouse panicking the victims of their plot. The crown unable to build a case from the deceptions embarked on a campaign of no-shows for court dates, breaches and delays. Midway through the trial they received a six week delay and now are enjoying a six month break after a parade of witnesses and documents failed to provide a hint of guilt and ends in a whimper.

Currently:The entire globe is plagued with the endless fallout of blind unqualified trust in the financial system and corruption. Politicians, enforcement and media are tripping over themselves to condemn the rampant greed and fraud that ruled finance. This after years of arresting and reporting fraud convictions of anyone who dared challenge socialistic banking system. When aid4families condemned the practices, we were maligned as marginal and disaffected. When we informed the public that deposits to institutions worldwide were bounced around in an endless ponzi scheme people tried to put criminality on us. We're still here but Northern rock, UBS, Bear Stearns, Scotia Bank and Wamu will never be the same. I can wait to add my 2 cents because I have been posting the current crisis online for a few years straight and everything that is being said by experts and politicians is easily found in anything I published at least 6 months ago or 2 years ago. The focus of the video will be what I always post about, which is what is going to happen next and what can be done about it. It will be up to the public to listen to the people who lied to them and have come up with the wrong answer EVERYTIME or someone with the proven track record of the truth despite the ridicule and persecution it visited upon us.

The picture of moses makes clear the fact that as regulators and others looked to punish us for telling the truth, God has visited an endless plague on the corrupt and it followers. Now to smash that golden calf you guys are worshipping.

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