Monday, December 15, 2008

Damn you all to hell!! La mort de la culture de l’argent : Banks & the planet of the raped.

We are in a car careening out of control on ice with the brake line cut and they are still trying to steal the remaining pieces in an attempt to have total ownership when we recover. It started as an orchestrated coup by the central and commercial banks to gain ownership of the bulk of global assets. As is always the case with these things, they were so blinded with greed and arrogance that they missed the entire forest for the trees.
Let’s start over, the large multi-national banks were rigging the laws across the globe to allow faster and more frequent consolidation. Nearly every country on earth has fewer banks than a decade ago. The growth of the internet which should have doubled their business actually has turned out to be a more democratic and competitive market place. Democracy and competition have their place; unless you are the one who has the most.

The flow of money as it had been known which would normally allow taxes to be collected and then passed directly to the banks for them to loan back to the public at a profit was crumbling. Why pay $500 per trade if you could trade for $10? Why pay a broker at all when you can trade for yourself and pocket the fees? While they were gaining in one sector by gobbling up smaller banks and dictating political policy, market share was becoming more competitive. Fees and commissions are like store warranties on electronics and are generally 100% profit. It never cost a brokerage $1000 to buy a few shares on your behalf. They could have taken the entire internet by storm by offering discount services to the masses but they believed that the poor spend all of their money; the middle class has a little left to save and only the rich had the means and intelligence to invest. If they offered discount services then they simply would be giving back billions each year in profits. They could no longer simply buy market share through mergers. Sure Toronto dominion could link up with ameritrade but there are tons of online competitors for investing and trading. Even the well-heeled customers began to consider the cost savings in discount fees and so the major banks and brokerages late and begrudgingly rolled out their own over priced online banking services. This was not the only industry to make this mistake, we all remember napster and amazon as entertainment and retail woke up behind the eight ball and determined to turn back the clock on their greedy business model. All the major retailers allow you to purchase online except the largest - wal-mart but this holiday season will surely change this outdated attitude. The auto industry and it’s let them eat cake attitude, the media acting only as a megaphone for industry now wants me to blog on their site or twitter and facebook them. It has all changed in a a world where CNN needs facebook more than the other way around. The free blogs and news submissions are a realization that news was no longer going to be determined by a few people with a common life experience. The thought now is that what started with the banks has spread to retail and media among others but the truth is the banks are only the most recent to have to deal with the new reality. They were able to determine who became middle class or rich, whether cars would stay old tech or if new tech could gain their favor and that the media conglomerates would be the captains of information. Why would the retailers, media and industry change, they were the ones with the most access to credit and credit has long replaced merit. Merit says that there were people who developed ideas for flying cars decades ago; Credit says that they never got the financing to get off the ground ( get it? Off the ground, flying cars!!!…never mind). Credit allowed white factory workers to get $200k to buy a home in the suburbs and only allowed his black foreman $110k to find a home in the city because that’s all the homes cost where they thought he SHOULD live. The banks were not interested in giving him access to homes in places they didn’t feel he belonged. Banks used credit to steer people into the communities DESPITE merit. This example is often cited and always shows up in government testing, Despite the persistent dogma to the contrary. In case you haven’t noticed what this normally causes to happen is in any “intergrated” middle or upper-class community the non-white is 1-3 classes above their white neighbors. Black doctors can get the credit to live next to white roofing contractors, when he parks his top of the line audi in the drive way all he can see is a sea of contractor vans and trucks and modest home vehicles. The real kicker is that all the whispers are about how he is the one bringing the value down and how could he get the money to afford one of the homes. This is not an attempt to elicit “white guilt” which seems to be an oxymoron at best but to set the premise for offering a solution for this horrific quagmire we find ourselves in.

The banks stunted innovation and used credit to skew merit and so the public much the same as industry began to believe their own press. That merit must be color coded, the car companies that had the most money, have the best cars. The brokerages with the most market share and locations offered the best service. What separated you from the poor people in the social underbelly was your willingness to work hard. Well it’s time to wake up!! Now no one can stand now that the king making banks are closing off the lines of credit and hoarding all the money. The best part is that they simply changed the standards arbitrarily, until now you didn’t know it was arbitrary and really didn’t care as long as you were chosen. Now hard work isn’t enough, size of the company isn’t enough as the spicket to all your advantages is turned off. All of a sudden companies that have been around forever off of “merit” don’t seem able to survive solely based on the quality of their business. So car companies are told to sell cars if they need money and they can’t imagine trying to survive like that and no one will “buy” the cars. The problem is most people never buy cars, the banks told them they had enough “merit” to deserve the credit to access the car they wanted in exchange for interest payments to allow the bank to profit. Most people did not save and write a check for their home, car, clothing and furnishings and most people who did; don’t really have anything that anyone would envy.

So to reverse engineer the problem will help in understanding the solution. When this most recent symptom arose the solutions were idiotic at best because they were based on this credit = merit myth. I ran out and immediately said if the underlining assets are mortgages then the efforts should be focused on keeping the home “owners” in place. What everyone else decided from the blog sites to governments was that the people who were suffering with these predatory loans were not victims. In the twisted warped reality stoked by the media was a version where the banks were the victims of bad underserving people trying to game the system. The banks were also the victim of governments requiring private organizations that receive public funds from everyone treat everyone the same. What a ridiculous idea that people who pay in their money be considered for having it LOANED back to them. The banks pumped that version through the central banks to the governments and media to the public and received trillions in infusions as everyone spurned the homeowners. A year later the western governments and public found that they had once again been successful in keeping homeownership out of the hands of hardworking deserving people but everything was worse. How could this be? Didn’t we just sacrifice all of these families on the alter of the banks to save ourselves? Yes, but the banks demand more sacrifice, the terms are now give the banks more and more money and power while they throw more families and business into the sacrificial pit. Finally everyone woke up and realized that no one or nothing was immune, things keep getting worse and worse while the banks continue to demand more and more. It’s your fault, the media, government and public told them that they were “too big to fail” no sacrifice was too big, saving corrupt titans was paramount to all things. The answer is still what it was a year ago; start at the BOTTOM and work your way UP. Create public jobs and finance homes of the workers. Double welfare and social assistance checks to stimulate consumption. Issue massive government grants to business and start-ups. Ignore the conservatives, there is not a single one alive who doesn’t owe his station in life to these solutions being put into place after the depression and world war. Americans conservatives who owe their class to the G.I. bill and the new deal or Europe which would be living in the stone age without the marshall plan. I have no respect for people who want to burn the ladder once they climb up. Massive government iniatives were the foundation of modern prosperity, all rigged faux merit systems bring is bursting bubbles. If you prefer faux merit and bursting wealth bubbles to real merit then you are going to find yourself isolated as a selfish throwback to a failed dogma. This ruin that we are all suffering in is the direct result and so the proponents of this failed state will now spend their time as the voiceless and disenfranchised but at least they earned stigma; finally merit at work.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Economic crisis solution : middle-class needs to grow and stop leeching off the poor

The first thing that should happen is the ELECTED leaders of the g-7 should issue individual executive orders for banks to add liquidity and stop hoarding infusions or face penalty of government loan lock-out.Currently banks around the world have been receiving billions in infusions to provide liquidity and refuse to pass on taxpayer dollars to taxpayers. That is the entire problem. There is no reason for it to be an imperative that these faux private institutions to have the discretion over the entire global economy. Money flows from taxpayer to treasury to the central bank where it is given to private banks to lend to the public their own money at loan-shark rates. It's a quasi free-market system of private profits and public risk. If it is not fixed now, it won't be fixed until it actually collapses completely. The banking cartel has created the biggest criminal hoax in history. Banks are now an extra middle-man and are currently clogging the system by receiving endless taxpayer infusions(half trillion today while you're reading this) and refused to pass them on. This open fact of cash hoarding banks is in the background as people try to blame first time home-owners and the poor, instead of laying it all at the feet of the banks and the cowardice governments that allow them to write all the rules and regulations.
Rules that defeat every suggestion for consumer protection. That rid the market place of innovation and competition as everything that isn't part of the socialistic banking welfare program is a scam and fraud. I told you when I set up aid4families that the difference was not risk but socialism. That I wasn't doing the same old dance you get from all the other firms and banks which was to tell you that I was totally competent but if I'm not, the government will fix it. That's what everyone considered to be "safe" investments, without understanding any of the details. Fraudsters and scammers can barely get any ink as the biggest fraud in history unravels. Now everyone has an opinion on what should be done but spent the past few years trying to shut me up that there was even a problem. Today everyone and the banking system was suppose to be chugging along smoothly, while I sat in jail for questioning the divine wisdom of the system. Instead, I'm typing this while watching my warnings come to life before my eyes. IT IS TIME TO PLACE BLAME, IT IS TIME TO HOLD PEOPLE ACCOUNTABLE, ME AND ANYONE ELSE WHO CHALLENGED THIS FINANCIAL OLIGARCHY HAS BEEN QUICKLY BLAMED, JUDGED AND CONDEMNED! It will never be the same again, this is not '87 or 2000, it's the culmination of quickly trying to paper over '87 and 2000. How can we save a flawed, fraudulent system? by passing on generations of debt? Nope, not going to happen.
The poor were the plug in this septic bath that kept everyone else afloat. People who pay 10 -20% of their income in consumption taxes for roads that loop-hole chasing, tax abatement, offshore accounting businesses use. The poor who pay 20 - 30% in interest on secured credit cards, cars and homes, so the rest you can enjoy 0%, 2% and 5% rates. It wasn't homes they couldn't afford but interest only loans that increased the monthly payments til they doubled or tripled. Studies also show that most of the people that received these vampire mortgages QUALIFIED for a regular mortgages but lacked choice in lenders because of cultural marginalization i.e. minorities and the poor. Anyone who thinks the people COULDN'T AFFORD the homes has never been outside of their small bumpkin town. If any of you had ever ventured out beyond the town limits, you would quickly find that rent in the city is generally double the amount of suburban and rural mortgages. So the argument that people should have kept paying 1500 in rent instead of getting a $1000 a month mortgage is more than insane. The homeowners asked for relief in the form of steady payments and not letting them go to $2000 and $3000. It was the vampire mortgage not the people. None of the smug jerks who sided with the banks against the homeowners could afford for their mortgage to double twice a year. So if not being able to afford a doubling mortgage payment every few months makes you undeserving, then...
I don't write for contemporary readers because they are indoctrinated to repeat what corporate editors tell their writers to print and teleprompter readers to say when they have no in-depth knowledge on any subject. The importance of what I write is for posterity. When the next generation looks back and wonders why people didn't question the financial system til it crashed I can show that I not only spoke about it but took concrete action to save people. When they wonder why all the solutions for the crash were just ways to set ourselves up for a repeat crash, they will find that I gave a solution based on the actual problem.
So what do we know. That 15months of giving the banks trillions has not freed the credit markets and that the central banks who have more power than the government went ahead and approved a half trillion dollar infusion anyway. After the public rejected the idea. Democracy hasn't eliminated class issues but entrenched them because most people can't think of any solution that doesn't turn over all power and wealth to those self proclaimed better pedigree with elite university degrees from wealthy families. The government will no longer be able to play favorites and subsidize these crooks

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Black president to address global economic meltdown

When the wall came crublin, tumblin......doooowwwnn! Aid4families chief is expected to release a video commentary about the current intertwined situations. The video will be released to media outlets worldwide and available online on blogs at blogger and telegraph UK.

Background: in 2006 aid4families was launched as an alternative to the greed based global financial system. The program focused on cost savings of lower overhead and streamlined logistics to benefit program participants. Ignored, mocked and ridiculed the program was still able to develop a loyal following of progressive and well-read clients who were able to weigh risk objectively. By mid 2007 the program had built a head of steam and was on course to rival the entrenched financial structure. Regulators, enforcement and media who played large roles in the success of top-heavy bank culture, now went out to dismantle and discredit the more equitable alternative. In the absence of a crime the autorite in quebec elected to issue a cease and desist order, then several months later after that failed to produce a single complaint or derail the program, they moved to seize the company funds. By blocking payouts they contacted depositors to force them to complain to the rcmp. The RCMP aware of the deception by the regulators continued the rouse panicking the victims of their plot. The crown unable to build a case from the deceptions embarked on a campaign of no-shows for court dates, breaches and delays. Midway through the trial they received a six week delay and now are enjoying a six month break after a parade of witnesses and documents failed to provide a hint of guilt and ends in a whimper.

Currently:The entire globe is plagued with the endless fallout of blind unqualified trust in the financial system and corruption. Politicians, enforcement and media are tripping over themselves to condemn the rampant greed and fraud that ruled finance. This after years of arresting and reporting fraud convictions of anyone who dared challenge socialistic banking system. When aid4families condemned the practices, we were maligned as marginal and disaffected. When we informed the public that deposits to institutions worldwide were bounced around in an endless ponzi scheme people tried to put criminality on us. We're still here but Northern rock, UBS, Bear Stearns, Scotia Bank and Wamu will never be the same. I can wait to add my 2 cents because I have been posting the current crisis online for a few years straight and everything that is being said by experts and politicians is easily found in anything I published at least 6 months ago or 2 years ago. The focus of the video will be what I always post about, which is what is going to happen next and what can be done about it. It will be up to the public to listen to the people who lied to them and have come up with the wrong answer EVERYTIME or someone with the proven track record of the truth despite the ridicule and persecution it visited upon us.

The picture of moses makes clear the fact that as regulators and others looked to punish us for telling the truth, God has visited an endless plague on the corrupt and it followers. Now to smash that golden calf you guys are worshipping.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Great Canadian Ponzi Scheme with scotia bank and the caisse

Ya gotta love the internet, it really adds meaning to the term desktop publishing. I mean a story like this that doesn't fit mainstream doctrine, would never see the light of day. Readers reach my blogs by searching what they WANT to read about rather than what some talentless writer and corporation wants to TELL them about. Today the media wanted to sell the public on the BS that bank failures are good. The headlines were "no angry customers" you have to read the story to find out that these 2 banks in the american southwest were taken over and changed over without notifying the customers of any problems. It also took place over the weekend, so people will wake up monday morning with another bank holding their mortgage and credit cards, the bank name that they print company checks on is now defunct (but good--lol). All of this dancing to mask the fact of mult-level, multi-generational corruption. I've been asking for nearly a year for the so-called depositor and investment insurance programs to surface and here they are, writing checks out of taxpayers pockets. I already said the crisis would be deeper than they told you last year, that banks would close etc. Now when I watch the news, they are interviewing the same advertisers who got it wrong. Look me up, I said the solution to the mortgage crisis was to save the mortgages not send it to the bankers who would steal the infusions and rate cuts. They did it their way and here we are as they realize that greed only made their situation worse. I watched the media play mouthpiece for their advertisers, talking up central bank action and pissing on homeowner "bailouts". Now that the treasury secretary and central banks have to face reality, the media is still happy to parrot their ramblings. Each week when the bad data comes in they talk about unexpected dips or declines(who didn't expect it? advertiser analyst?). Then they try to talk the markets up for a day to say a number beat expectations (one that's been put excessively low to give it a good headline) ex. company X posted a 10 trillion $ lost instead of the 20 trillion analyst predicted. The "analyst" don't seem to be too good at predicting stuff -huh. Maybe it's the problem like the media and rating agencies, it's hard to be objective when you're being paid. A true media would have alerted the public that these banks were going to collapse, instead of printing advertiser talking points as news. Too many "anal -lyst" have too much vested interest in steering the outcome with their predictions and "expectations".

Against this cancerous backdrop, I bring you the rant de jour. During our witch drowning trial, the prosecution has been hanging it's hat on something called a ponzi scheme. Now running a revolutionary organization rest assured nose-picking dimwits throw it around like yo momma jokes. When it comes to actual law, justice and evidence, I would hope that slanders and smoke would need some support in fact. Despite the fact that it is part of public record that the practices of aid4families worked in complete contradiction to a ponzi scheme, it still lingers out there. So I wondered to myself, hey self "yeees, how may I help...myself" is there anyway to find a concrete definition of ponzi scheme that constitutes the legal understanding? So I went to the rcmp website, I don't constantly go to governments sites like the way sodec and government of canada pawns frequent mine but I may follow a governmental visitor. At the RCMP site, what do we find? The official definition of ponzi scheme according to them.

Everyday, I select stories, articles and other information to keep for future reference. This things get swept under the rug and the coalition of corruption changes it's tune. When that happens reality takes a hit. All of a sudden the bush administration never said iraq was tied to 9-11 or WMDs, the fed is DEMANDING that the government take a role in the sub-prime crisis and not leave it up to them and the markets, all of a sudden "the surge" is the measure of judgment rather than the stupidity of cheer-leading a colonial war. In my situation, that means the stories about abcp and sub-prime have a very short shelf life, quickly purged by the media archives. Google -montreal accord or scotia abcp in a news search or even a websearch won't give you any indepth criticism from the mainstream. I found an article from november, where the process of the abcp was explained in some detail so we could overlay something that has not raised a single eyebrow in the political, judicial, regulatory or enforcement community in nearly 2 decades.

The findings shouldn't shock anyone. The canadian system has been locking up people forever using the ponzi scheme catch-all, while steering people back to the banks who would never practice such foolishness. Au contraire mon frere, ABCP was licensed, sanction, regulated and everyone was aware of the duplicity of telling the public that they defined ponzi as fraud while giving their masters a free pass. Tsh tsh tsh what's a corrupt country to do, well first order of business is try and shut me up for putting a chart on my website warning people of how banks soil money (clean to dirty). Second, canada's favorite past time, blame america. The headlines are "canadian economy strong DESPITE american crisis" no mention that the american economy IS the canadian economy. It is a total coincidence that the other white english speaking nation is in the g-8 and canada's stability and prosperity have no relation to america, only canadian ills. Yet canadian ABCP couldn't get a good rating from other rating agencies, so a canadian one did the dirty work, canadians didn't buy abcp on their trips to florida but through canadian banks and agents not knowing they were tied to american vulture credit. They say that canadian banks have lost less than the banks in europe, u.s. and asia (never mentioning how much smaller they are) or that canada should have less exposure to american mortgages than american banks. Fortunately my dreams are realized, thanks to the internet the canucks refuse to be spoon-fed and when I read this bay street propaganda for what passes for media in this country, the comments are heartwarming. When the bank of canada said the crisis was over in canada a few weeks ago, the comments were livid. That same bank of canada now wants more power to match the 3rd world dictatorial powers that the other central banks have demanded as ransom to stop the crisis. Neither one of these old guard solutions are having the desired effect. is still up while bear stearns is shuttered and regulators & politicians play catch-up on a backlog of rampant corruption. When we look back on this era and recount it for our children and grandchildren, I'll be the guy that stood up and told the truth and many others will be the ones who hid themselves or argued with the guy who told the truth. That's it.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

How the west was lost

Here we are 18 months into this ill-conceived coup of aid4families. 2 countries throwing every public and private tool at us, while collapsing under the weight of their own ineptitude and corruption. Canadian justice justifying attacks on aid4families, while giving places like BMO and Scotia legal immunity for corruption. Canadians were raped up the ass so bad that they had to start a facebook support group to deal with the largest financial debacle in canadian history. Meanwhile trains and planes in the u.s., u.k. and the eurozone are safe from osama because the public puppets are bringing the west to it's knee's faster than any hi-jacker.

I'm not going to say I fucking told you so for the 1000th time because if you can't face the truth, if no one has the integrity to admit their mistakes NOW, I can't have ANY respect for them. NOT aid4families but WHERE should they have put their money? UBS? NORTHERN ROCK, LEHMAN, FANNIE MAE, SCOTIA, SOCIETE, REAL ESTATE, THE OIL BUBBLE?

All these limp-dick pricks on the internet, that couldn't afford to join the program saying it was a scam are hiding under the blankets in there parents basement. There was never anyway to justify slandering us without justifying the practices of the current public and private financial world. Usually the media loves these fraud stories but the media is hiding from this one. It seems that aid4families will be around long after the u.s. and canada are annexed by hugo chavez. Long after mugabe chases all the corruption out of the u.k. and eurozone. Over the last year and a half the more determined the banks their pawns and surrogates were the worse things got in the global economy. "GOD don't like ugly". People didn't lose confidence in bear stearns, northern rock or scotia abcp because of a smear campaign by some quasi government agency like aid4families was by the amf. They had the government holding them up, the media singing their praises and internet pricks happy to do business with them and yet, nothing can save them. Nor can anything break us.

No dream team just duty counsel from legal aid and the crowns' case is still an empty suit. No wonder they offered us no jail time to avoid the trial. I'm not taking no chances at trial because punks on forums don't constitute facts, bank corrupt practices or malice in the legal system isn't evidence. The ballots are in, the debate is finished and the only undisputed fact is that I am still the only motherfucker who knew what the fuck he was talking about. PERIOD. Who is going to help YOUR victims, who trusted you and put their money elsewhere? That's the only question, that remains, the only one. There's no point in the media hiding, there's no point staying off the forums hoping for a miracle because it's not coming, there's no point adding wrongful conviction to all the other public and private corruption involved in creating and keeping these charges alive.

I never said " no comment" I never "categorically" denied anything, I've been very plain that ANYONE who tells you that I didn't have the means or intention to meet the terms of our program was telling you a goddamn lie! I've been publishing for 9 months straight, telling anyone to put up, that time is passing, so now it's time for everyone to SHUT UP, I actually meant to say SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! Because you wouldn't know a sound investment from a door knob. The longer the central banks and politicians define fraud as organizations that aren't greasing their palm then this current crisis will continue. If they ever find the balls to make these guys play by the rules the rest of us have to or become half as critical of them as they are of us, maybe they could avoid some of these meltdowns in the future(so don't hold your breath).

What's next? The ghost of shylock form the merchant of venice. Shylock looked to have the system show the same vigor on his behalf as it does when it's persecuting. The answer of course is the system reflects society as masters of duplicity. The media, forum punks, banks or government cared what their empty slanders did to the people who joined aid4families and none are lining up to take responsibility for misleading people. But to quote our good friend shylock "And if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?"

Sunday, June 1, 2008

aid4families $145M est. loss due to ABCP double standard


This week aid4families returns to court and across the country parties in the $32Billion debacle return as well. Aid4families will be facing the crown and rcmp who need to build a fraud case to justify the indictment. The crown, rcmp, nor regulators will be attending the Asset backed commercial paper(abcp) hearing on whether investors will be able to sue for fraud at their own expense. In the past several days the major banks reported continued red ink due to their involvement in the u.s. subprime crisis for the second quarter.

Since last fall people who trusted the major banks and their divisions have been betrayed by a justice system paralyzed by hypocritical corruption. Aid4families which had no canadian clients and was not part of a customer uproar fell victim to regulatory malice. Meanwhile the same system failed hundreds of canadian citizens who were being bullied into a lopsided deal. One that requires them to exchange their 30-60 day notes into 3200 day notes after being delayed from their money for nearly a year already. In addition the main sticking point was in order to get this rape in the exithole, they would have to agree to not seek damages for being swindled.

Note to self--add purdy crawford to speed dial. Regulators and enforcement agencies refuse to even read about it in the paper, so they don't have to justify their inaction. One would assume that standard procedure was to raid the offices of scotia bank and toronto dominion headquarters, arrest the executives and issue consumer alerts not to deal with the major banks in canada. Well that's what happened to us(so I'm just saying ;). When you have a country with no banking system and allow the financial industry to dictate the rules, then you're bound to get the people shafted.

We have non-client detractors and I gleefully ignore them since I've spent thousands of words explaining the financial crisis. Anyone still calling aid4families a scam has no credibility when they fail to condemn real criminality.
Also in the news is the need for an additional pension plan because the CPP is a leaky titanic. Canadian regulators rushed to push aid4families from the market so people could be sold this abcp garbage with the trusted institutions. 10 months and 32billion later, I'm asking "hows dat workin' for ya" like Dr. Phil. What I suggest is that these investors sue regulators and enforcement agencies for their concerted inaction. Regulators for their blind endorsement, along with rating agencies which have been the biggest parasites in the global crisis. Regulators and ratings have played a crucial role in the fraud of legitimate banking and safe investments.

The final crooks I would like to throw under the bus before I go. Freddie Mac the governments mortgage program(u.s.), like so many of these $#^^@ is giving advice on how to avoid fraud!!! This agency deceived investors by misreporting their income by 43% and had been doing so for years. Then paid $410Million to settle a class action. The punishment, pay a fine and keep doing what you are doing. So that's how it goes organizations with victims and complaints get carte blanche and maybe spend some of their ill gotten gains as hush money without admitting fault. While decent programs are chased away to limit choices for the public. It's been a few years and we still don't have anyone that can explain why we are a scam. All we can say for sure is that no one with their morals or principles on a sliding scale can be taken seriously. Not regulators, enforcement, nerds in their parents basements or anyone else that is too cowardice to assist true suffering victims of real crimes.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Regulatory capture: The hands that tighten the banks noose

Everyone can sense that we are at a critical juncture in history. It is not often that the foundations of society are available to be greatly influenced. Generally, that is an acceptance of the status quo with only minor adjustments. In these times only the most vigilant rally to perfect the system, everyone else is resigned and are not inclined get involved. Elections, conflicts and now the economy are on the tongues of even the most passive as devastation engulfs the entire globe. At the apex is a perfect storm of policy, governance, greed and corruption. Politics of fear to feed the greed in a conflict for a commodity and to enrich arms manufacturers. It cannot be overstated that the sheer cohesion of powers combined against humanity is a massive foe. What is the fate of a disparate global public against powerful combined interest of global corruption?

Right now we are facing the expansion of a commodity bubble. To find relief from the problem, you need to first find the source. The damned speculators--people getting rich on the bet oil will go up and constantly driving it up to enrich themselves. Banks and governments say that they are powerless against these gamblers, thriving at the publics expense.
When you scratch beneath the surface you will find that most market speculation is dominated by the banks, industry and government. It actually makes sense, since government and industry would be the vested party's in any market.
Yet they offer us this faceless whipping boy called speculator. Government has blown oil prices on everything from production to storage. It lets the oil giants strong arm smaller governments into selfish deals then profit when the people retaliate by destroying a refinery or pipeline. This exercise in absurdity is the case from the Nigerian delta to Iraq. Then there's Venezuela an Iran, two large oil producers being constantly antagonized with western governments working in collusion with oil giants to guide policy, these countries are living on the cash of their oil while flatlining the u.s. currency. Chavez is winning his battle with Exxon and the attempt to starve Iran into regime change has the American people starving to change with a president who has the lowest approval rating ever. The public had no say in the central bank bailouts but white house resident bush doesn't want the taxpayers to spend billions rewarding speculators. There's that word again so to be clear let's define speculator in this instance(markets) a speculator is an investor who will never take delivery of the commodity. This is to say that brokers on the exchanges who purchase wheat, oil, sugar etc never expect a truck to arrive at their homes to deliver 50 tons corn.
In the mortgage market these securities where bought and sold by people who had no idea where the homes where or who bought them, they only looked to profit from the payments made. Those people have been spared the worst case by taxpayer backed interventions into the markets, though they are the only true speculators(along with the banks and brokerages who packaged and sold it). The so-called speculators that governments are refusing to assist are people who may have purchased a second home hoping to rent it out for extra income. Some chose a home that they considered a bargain and planned to invest in it to sell it at market prices. MOST examples leave you with people involved with the individual sell and purchase of a property. Refusing them the same deal as the ACTUAL speculators and pointing at them having to give up on a property is criminal.
So here we are, time to talk tough. With no serious review the fed has been able to put the taxpayers on the hook for hundreds of billions. The oil giants like the banks laugh off government grandstanding. What government can reign in Citibank, shell and haliburton at the same time? Regulators have a job that is born in conflict, to advance the industry against global competition while guarding the public trust. It's stupid on the face of it, how can you be vigilant in restraining someone that you are obligated to advance? In an ideal world a strong national banking industry would be best for the public. What has happened in practical terms is that banks are protected from the public and are sacrificed for the greater banking "good". Every step of the way, agents for the public discuss changes with the banks to get cooperation and what always comes out of it is a threat from the banking industry. The threat always gets the headline to strike fear into the public. Currently and new regulations would force banks to tighten credit and call loans AND raise fees and... Basically they're going to rob the public and all regulators can do is agree to HOW. Every time the grandstanding fades from the headlines and in the backrooms the deal is the same. Generally they will be able to come together to blame a faceless entity and make firm regulations to block competition with something like wealth based licensing or cash minimums. This protects the public from new entrants who become the problem and further erodes the power of the public.
The laws that come out of these conspiracies against the public all look the same. The wording is some catchall like fraud or licensing that allows regulators grand sweeping power to rid the markets of new competitors. Scammers, spammers and crooks are paraded out to look effective, while the big culprits benefit twice, once from being overlooked and the second by getting rid of competition without spending a dime. When you go to government sites and read what to look for when it comes to fraud, there isn't a bank on earth that could escape the definition but they can escape enforcement. They bury terms in contracts, change conditions among other things and use the law to their advantage. When you signed the documents, the disclosure was there, in legalese, in small print on the 8th page you signed. They send you a letter to inform you of a rate change, now that you are well in debt, the law requires them to give you 30days notice to pay them $20k in cash so that your balance isn't calculated at the new tripled interest rate. If a new competitor employed these tactics every media organization, court and enforcement agency would tar them with fraud without a hint of irony.

Every year it gets harder to bring a case against a major financial institution, while fees and deceptions bring in larger profits. Bankers associations are huge campaign donors and are a strong lobby. Regulators and politicians come out of the industry and people from the industry are chosen to be regulators. Two countries in north America ruled by one brokerage. Goldman Sachs alumni Mark Carney (bank of Canada) and Henry Paulson (treasury sec. USA), they should find cooperation with each other and the industry. What's better is neither is a regulator, they simply set the tone for regulators and act as industry surrogates. Incest between industry and government is nothing new. Top executives are always considered the experts and receive government posts with industry endorsement as an inside man. Very few politicians don't see public service as a stepping stone to lofty positions in industry they expect to peddle their knowledge and relationships to the highest bidder.

What can be done. Yes, media, government, activist, public and academia have all taken turns decrying the woes of the common man against greedy industrial interest. Fortunately I am not a professional belly-acher but a visionary pioneer. While others picketed, petitioned, plead, and published I imposed aid4families. In that spirit, here are a few changes that may help. Pick one: government service or industry but not both. With no incentive of cushy jobs after they leave office some politicians may actually focus on their job. Of course people still have to eat so a set time limit should suffice if a person chooses to leave public service. This is a very specific example, whereas the things that generally make it tempting are stripped away. If you serve on the banking committee then you would be barred for no less than 5 years from holding any board or position with interaction with regulators or government. You could be a branch manager or in accounting or IT at the bank where you can comply with regulations but not influence them. If you come from industry, you may not serve on a body that regulates your primary industry. The spirit of these proposals is the important element, the details can be hammered out. Create a jury duty for important government regulations. A basic trial can be held in court in the evening where the pros and cons are argued. The concerns and finding by the jury would be addressed at a public hearing for approval by the government. Finally, like all things, enforce the laws on the books biased enforcement have caused this carte blanche with the industry and banks act as co-regulators, holding funds, reporting competitors etc. The government wouldn't invite drug dealers to draft drug dealing policy, they simply draft consequences and enforce them. The government has to become more than just the PR department for industry interest groups. The government is not there to force the public to yield to industry greed, the role of government is to make sure that industry works for the public. We need to not just fear STATE RUN INDUSTRY but an INDUSTRY RUN STATE!

These reports about industry are from the imf, sec and media, I know how you like it when they tell you.

Friday, May 9, 2008

While investors writhe in pain the sipc stalks aid4families

Investor calls to the SIPC probably aren't returned because they are busy stalking us. ( actual visit )

Have you no shame?!?!? I couldn't take time to write yesterday due to court were the crown was a no-show for the second time in 5 months. Though the crown was attempting to avoid another setback we did receive a visit from the sipc. Now the inbreds in their parents basement, media and corrupt government and industry hacks would like you to believe that we're the problem. Why would an agency that should be burning the midnite oil making investors whole from taking part in the greatest economic sham in generations be pestering us? I would hope that it's not to intimidate us. That hasn't worked, everyone whoever said anything bad about the organization has been taken to the woodshed and there hasn't been a peep on the internet in 6 months. Like the man says "accounts of my demise...". I don't know while I'm fighting government, industry and media organizations to a standstill, why a half-baked shell group like the sipc would expect to have an effect that they couldn't.

The sipc like the cipf here in canada should be broke by now, since their low cash balance can't cover the fraudulent losses investors are suffering right now. It has been one year since the amf issued the now infamous and ill advised cease and desist order. Now the rcmp and crown are unhappy after being goaded into this wild goose chase. It's all boiled down to an endless tally of actionable damages that end with a lot of zeroes. How did this happen? Well every pimpled geek and industry hatchett man decided to try and bury the organization, AGAINST THE INTEREST OF THE PEOPLE WHO WERE ACTUALLY PARTICIPATING IN THE PROGRAM!!!! Unfortunately they picked the worst year to cheerlead the corrupt banking industry. It looks totally different a year later to try and call us a scam while the world economy burns and the government and industry get into a finger pointing match. I didn't tell people that there was a such thing as investor's insurance so they wouldn't go broke like they are. I didn't tell them that there money sits safely at the bank ungambled. I didn't tell people that banks and brokerages would always be liquid and wouldn't have to search for cash and bail outs. I didn't give risky assets high credit ratings. I didn't spend the past year lying about the health of the economy or banks. The media hasn't printed a thing the rcmp or crown has said since the first week in november because we told them to get the facts straight. The media believes the opposite of what your mother taught you, they believe if you can't say anything bad...then don't say anything at all--so the silence has been defeafening across the entire internet. See, people can say what they want but I'm telling them in plain language that they are lying and daring them to prove anything they say. People hiding behind avatars, profiles and agencies can say what they want but don't let your ego goad you into a situation where you have to put up or shut up. There was a line around the block of people wanting to talk the talk, now running like roaches with the lights on when it's time to walk the walk.

Back to the sipc. I'm not picking on them there's plenty of blame to go around in this sham of a shell industry that has brought the economy to it's knee's. The sipc didn't destroy the american economy alone. They provided the guise of security that helped lure unsuspecting investors into the trap. But hey, who is going to arrest them? No one hates deceit, fraud, or theft in any sincere way, now do they? Just when they think they can say it about us, if you switch the word aid4families to bank of montreal, bank of america or jpmorgan they quickly avert their eyes afraid to offend their betters. So you're no advocate, you're a coward. If you weren't you would want to save the public against ALL enemies. The sipc had the nerve to write to our hosting company a few months ago and demand they remove our website(you can see how well that worked out). They tried to make it seem as though our conviction was absolute rather than absurd and like they were some industry regulator(which they aren't). I informed the hosting company that it was not my job to write what the sipc likes and it would not be wise for them to remove the site. Let the sipc go the LEGAL route, not the mobster route. The legal route has worked for them the same way it has for everyone else--a dead end. Then I contacted the d.c. attorney general and made a complaint. I haven't heard back yet about how the AG is raiding the sipc's offices and hauling them off to jail yet. I guess there are those of us who dictate the law and those of us who are simply subject to it.

The post didn't want you to see because it is being run by a few fake bloggers who target blogs outside of their clique.

Friday, April 25, 2008

It's going to be better in the good old days!!

Reason 4.5 A world safe for democracy and hitler

As an indicted person with the government attempting to go all hiroshima on your divine rights, you get to review what protections you actually have in society.

Yes, divine rights, in the u.s. they say "endowed by the creator (and or darwinism)with inalienable". This is a long-winded way to say that the government will be on a unrelenting mission to steal your freedom on behalf of various interest to allow others to run amok(my explanation is actually more long-winded:). Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude shall exist in the united states: it says but wait... EXCEPT AS PUNISHMENT FOR A CRIME. This means, wait for it.............SLAVERY IS STILL LEGAL! That's a beautiful loophole, that has been used to banish more people(and per capita)to bondage than any other nation rich enough to not have to. Hitler would have brought peace(eventually)no tyrant in history has wanted endless fighting, they just want to win first. Once you're in total submission you are free to live in peace but as a defeated group it probably won't feel very peaceful.

The jews weren't rounded up, they were actually asked quite politely to leave. They were offered relocation and received fabricated letters from loved ones saying "come on in, the waters fine". Hitler distributed propaganda reminding blacks and africans that they were fighting for their own oppressors. His mistakes were of course, fighting in africa, russia in winter and immediately declaring war on the usa while it was still reluctant to fight him. So when you mix your actual rights with only minor differences in the outcome of world war two, then you will notice that liberty is much more fragile than one might expect. There were no nazi's just people dispatching their military to remake the world in their own image (and WE defeated fascism?). The german public whipped into a frenzy of encroaching danger and humiliation at the hands of their enemy decided the only way to be free was to dominate. This of course led to greater humiliation and submission to it's rivals. That 1 watt bulb is starting to flicker in your head.

If fascism and slavery are alive and kicking, then what freedom do you ACTUALLY have? Actually is the important part because it means that you can't wake up and find it gone tomorrow? Of course this is canada, not germany or the USA, so everyone is free? Canada doesn't offer any protections. In fairness the canadians have only had say for about 25yrs (1982). So they haven't wanted to write down too many things before they secure their own place in canadian society. The constitution and laws are a mix-matched quilt of french and british with a few new things tacked on to look independent. Since most canadians were around in 1982 (and 1882, get it? because the canadian population is old)canada is like an adult child who has moved away from it's british parent. The country still takes pride in england, with the queen on the money and everywhere else(courts, supermarkets, strip clubs). The U.S. is of course the brother who left home at 15. The american bill of rights is a laundry list of rights to own guns and shoot anyone who tries to take them. It took another 70+ years and a bloody war to partially refine slavery and then another 60 to get to women suffrage. Guns = amendment 2, paid slavery amendment 14 and oh yeah women amendment 19. The canadian system like the american one does say you kinda have even more rights even though they aren't enumerated but in practice it's hard to enforce the ones that are. The differences come from history, where america fought a bloody war and wrote the bill of rights as a F-you, the canadians kind of slid into freedom.
Are wars always labeled noble quest? Generally, the american revolution was about taxes, so it actually could have been worked out and a lot of people didn't appreciate the anti-english rants. The civil war was about labor, half of the north didn't want a freed black population coming to compete for jobs, the same area was flooded again as european immigrants came by the boat loads 70 years later. Again the issues remain contempary, immigrant labor, wage stagnation, working conditions, worker rights, taxation, and slave workers keeping production cost low. Your freedoms are endowed by the creator and are inalienable, they are not to be doled out by any society. Societies controlled by the interest of the day, will constantly look to abridge, circumvent and downright steal your rights.

Since I am in my prime (old and young at the same time: with the body of a god and just enough grey to look...distinquished )it means I am still young enough to speak and act with moral imperatives and still not old enough to think that things can't change for the better. I am too old to lash-out through crime or violence from frustation but young enough to not take no for an answer. With mandela free, a Mlk holiday and the end of the cold war, my generation may have believed that there was no more fights for freedom and justice, we would be wrong. the oft cited poem sheds some light: "First they came"
In Germany, they came first for the Communists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist;

And then they came for the trade unionists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist;

And then they came for the Jews, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew;

And then . . . they came for me . . . And by that time there was no one left to speak up."

This poem credited to a reformed nazi, reminds us that the prisons can be full since it's those people in the city and let's build them around the world and skip due process, since neither type profile me. I didn't get my shiny pantsuit or flying car because I didn't know about contracts and production means as a child would stiffle innovation. People have nostalgia for the past always remembering a simpler time, while we keep hope for the future to lift the burdens and yokes that cripple the present. So the truth remains: It's going to be better in the good old days.

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

If U had a million dollars...U would be broke!!!

REASON: 3.5 ...and your mother dresses you funny.

When I started the first page added to the site was a brief summary of why the program was started called save your life. The title was, you're going to be broke. The point was not to make people feel bad or scare them into the program but to remind them to take an objective look at their situation. Paper millionaires are excluded from the millionaires club and most people don't qualify for that. There are towns where small homes or condos go for more than that. The people residing in them rarely qualify as millionaires, although some technical paper measure may allow them to impress their high school classmates. What any first year broker can often show these people is how their net worth is either much lower or negative. One for sure way, is living well beyond their means. This is a fact for most people (despite the hypocritical cries about sub-prime borrowers). To be a 21st century millionaire in a western hypocrisy, it is estimated that it takes between 21 to 700 million dollars to match a millionaire in 1900. With the worlds worst savings rate and wages devastated by cannibalistic inflation, there was no way the average person was going to survive retirement. What was needed for joe six-pack and susie secretary was what every politician, financier and captain of industry enjoys...A big fat bowl of passive income.

Yes, you would never know it from all the whining about income taxes and capital gains taxes beating leukemia for media and political attention. Most people couldn't get their mind around receiving more money than they earn or having money come from no effort on their part. How quaint the bottom 98% must seem to politicians who make more after they leave office or to brokers and CEOs' who make more in bonuses than pay. The primary taboo that I broke was bringing the unwashed masses to the party. The major arguments are: 1. When I made everyone rich, no one would be rich and 2. The rest of you slugs are too lazy to work if you have money(you have to be starved to be productive). For this they use the lottery example, how rare it is for some inbred like yourself to keep their job after winning and then it is usually wasted doing what the bottom 98% does, which is spend it. The problem with that argument is, the people who get rich setting up these lottery schemes are the ones telling you that you won't have to work anymore, this is the same society that demands you spend every dollar you get and then some and finally, working for no or low wages when you come into a huge sum is stupid. Another issue is that the opposite of what I am doing is the current situation. Whereas I risked everyone having money, we are now in a situation where no one has money. No savings and mountains of debt, even the banks and government(despite tone of accountability).

So if you don't have a million dollars, you're going to be on the side of the road with a sign. It's true! It's a setup no savings, huge debt, no retirement until you earn huge medical expenses AND THEY'RE cutting all the social spending, so us rich folk don't have to help your fat pasty butt. As a broker calling accredited investors, I NEVER talked to a millionaire that didn't have a job. Especially since I was calling them at work. This means that wealth is no deterrent to work(poverty maybe) but not greed. The poor made rich don't always know the game, some athletes and entertainers buy mansions for careers that last maybe 5 years in their twenties. They then turn into tabloid fodder. So why do people who swear by incentive based pay for themselves( and still get huge bonuses for running the company and the economy in the toilet) have so much disdain for the prospect of the bottom 98% making it? Cluck if I know, what I don't like is societies telling you that you chose your situation, while keeping 9 of 10 choices off the table. If people CHOOSE to be poor then they have the right to CHOOSE to be rich. Yet, the stampede to stop you bottom feeders from taking the elevator to the penthouse is incredible. I unlike most of you didn't need aid4families to become a millionaire but instead of creating another rich firm enriching rich people, I went and started a private safety net. Now, I can't stand near windows and have hired a royal food taster, nobody assassinates like banks :)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

UR a goddamn lie and U don't know whadaF$@% UR talking about

Reason : 2.5 My life is impossibly difficult because people want to believe what they believe instead of believing what they know.

My organization was called a scam or scheme by so many ignorant people (all of which have since disappeared) that I should be rich simply by suing for slander. Generally what kept people from voting with me wholeheartedly was ignorance and a good deal of cowardice. Ignorance because finance and banking is something most people don't have a clue about. This is odd because of course you will go to a bank more times than you go to court or see a doctor but there are no banking dramas on t.v. So people make up how the bank works at work and around the kitchen table. For example what's happening to the economy right now is a call to raise reserve requirements because of decreased confidence in global fiat currency, particularly the dollar hegemony, right?

Several times as people tried to explain to me how banks make money or what they do with money, it sounded like a broken record. The odd thing was when I tell them in places like here or on at people were skeptical, asking where I got MY information. That generally was the reason I covered the page in links to sources they trust. Never mind the fact that I have actually worked for banks and in brokerage firms or study these things for a living OR that I developed my own system. This means I not only KNEW so much about it but was able to go out DO so much about it. This is what I mean about people choosing to believe what they believe. Everyone knows that smoking is bad for you, including smokers but people smoke anyway because they want to BELIEVE that consequences of their habit may not come to pass. The issue is that ignoring problems or lashing out at people who remind you of the facts is no solution.

Here's the second grade explanation I get from everyone about how banks survive. Everyone in town A takes their money to the local bank and then the bank makes money charging interest when they loan it out. So if I have this straight, your bank takes your stank-butt $1000 from all the citizens in the town and then loans out tens of thousands to each person in credit cards, car loans and mortgages and still has money for you to take out of your checking account each week. There are 100 people in town A who leave $1000 with the bank for a total of $100,000, that can be loaned out to everyone for all their credit needs. The average cost of a house in town A is $10,000. How many houses can the bank finance? The bank must also make all of the loans now(i.e. go broke now) for the chance of making a profit on the loan in the next 20 - 30 years. This is the common perception (and I don't know what I'm talking about).

Well it didn't take bankers as long as it is taking the public to understand that if they do it like that it wouldn't work for more than hour. Now what if for every person that signed on to a $10,000 mortgage the bank would be allowed to loan out another $100,000? The government treats the mortgage like cash and allows it to act as the reserve requirement, that can be exchanged for cash, this way the more loans the bank writes the more money it can multiply and lend out. This means for your $100,000 mortgage the bank has been able to lend out another $1,000,000 in imaginary(fiat) dollars. This way banks are allowed to make money off of money that never existed and that they don't have. This works until people decide to check and all start to ask for their money at the same time and of course the bank doesn't have it and so it folds up. Right now it's coming apart and banks are taking huge losses and are trying not to close. What has kept most banks in canada and the u.s. from closing is huge infusions of cash that the government is allowing to be printed so the banks don't run out of money. The big problem that they are having now is that the government is bailing them out of this scheme with cash but the banks won't pass it on to consumers and business, also they are cutting interest rates to encourage borrowing but the banks won't pass on the rate cuts either. All the banks across the world are paranoid and won't loan to each other because they believe that the collateral (remember mortgages for cash) are worthless. So in the U.S. the fed said kcuF it, we'll take these worthless loans and give you cash anyway just so the entire world banking system doesn't collapse. Last weekend at the G-7 meeting the banks were told by the central banks that they can't keep cutting rates and giving cash for them to hoard and that they are going to have to keep more cash on hand in the future(raising reserve limits). The banking industry has been called a scam, ponzi scheme and worse from everyone from economist to world leaders. Bank fees, what the bank charges you for using your money, the forex what the banks charge business and people for converting their money, investments(why banks are taking losses on american securities), credit/debit transaction fees for merchants and customers, these streams along with profits from imaginary money is how banks actually work.

This is why I should have been amazed by anyone calling my wildly transparent organization a scheme. I've challenged everyone from online hacks to law enforcement to say that if any act I am performing is criminal are they willing to criminalize it if they find out it's being done by a company they trust. Everyone to a person looks at their feet out of cowardice. Of course, you're not going to stop banking with scotia or wachovia now that you know it's a scheme. Of course the crown or rcmp isn't going after BMO if they know it's a fragile ponzi scheme that's come home to roost. Of course DOJ or FBI won't be closing BOA or washington mutual. All of these organizations have plenty of customer complaints like paypal and wall st. but there is too much cowardice to be honest about stopping dishonesty. Since no one can be consistent about their outrage, since no one can offer a consistent measure of what constitutes a scam then I can't take anyone seriously. It just means no matter who you are, that ur a goddamn lie and U don't know whadaF$@% UR talking about!

Notice the currency at the top was backed by gold. They don't make 'em like that no more.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

LMAO ; U think'd u were going

REASON 1.5 Are you on the road to prosperity or is it thanks for playing?

With losses in the trillions, billions per bank, don't expect your ticket in the mail. The magic carpet ride that conservatives tout about letting industry run amok at the expense of the taxpayers, has limited seating. Many are STILL saying that this is the way to go. PLUS tax cuts, PLUS government spending on war contractors, PLUS bailouts, just unrelenting insanity. The problem is that I know what kind of kick-backs these politicians and officials are getting but why are so many regular folk duped. These people, who aren't wealthy and don't actually benefit in any significant way, say more than the people they are defending. They are still screaming that there were WMD's when the administration itself has abandoned it. When it comes to the bailouts for the banks, they complain about billions being proposed for homeowners while giving the banks a free pass. It's reporters making less than six figures and other saps who have to squeeze all of their assets together to get over 100k net worth.

These people should be fighting with the rest of us for more equality in wealth distribution. Unfortunately, they're nameless peons at mega-corporations who hope that the size of their employer inflates their opinion or worth. By abandoning their own self interest, either by misguided principle or a misguided sense of loyalty, they believe the feeling is mutual. Here's a clue. It's not! At the top of the global food chain are these bankers and brokers who have bonuses larger than 90% of the populations salary. Above that is the puppeteer of world economies, the IMF. Now these money generators and king makers are definitely not part of the bottom 98%. Millions in Christmas bonuses (each), bouncing national economies in the direction they deem most selfish. Guess what!!!..... A lot of them aren't going either. They were smug, felt impervious, supported bias economic policies, and their reward.......wait for it.......A pink slip. The IMF is laying off 15% of its God-complex staff. In the past nine months, banks have dropped 34,000 employees and the central banks still have their finger in the dike. Now even the G-7 are saying that restraints are needed. Despite all of this, many of the neo-nuts and corporate media will still be parroting old talking points, defending positions that the actual villains have abandoned. Remember? WMD's not an invasion, not a civil war, not an occupation, not a recession, not a bailout......Well, mission accomplished - LOL :)

Friday, April 11, 2008

The Great depression 2k8 9 1/2 issues to think about.

REASON .5 : Thieves thief the fief:

There is a non-sense that the american bankers association and brokerages are pushing onto the public through there public relations departments, better known as the media and government. With forked tongue they stoke the idea that taxpayers will unfairly be footing the bill for speculators and people who tried to get over with no money down mortgages, while justifying taxpayer bailouts for themselves. The wall st. bailout has helped no part of the economy and have widened and deepened the length and severity of the crisis. The reason is trickle down never trickles. CEO pay has been growing in multiples of the average employee for decades and now the banks are hoarding the cash infusions, raising rates and refusing to pass on interest rate cuts.

On the other hand, If these F#$%& selfish idiots would have put in guarantees and judicial mechanism to keep people paying their mortgages then everyone would have benefited. Property taxes, bank revenues, home values, consumer spending all would have found a bottom much sooner. Fortunately, the fools in the public who allow this to be the way it is and support it will live long enough to suffer the consequences. Most of these neo-nuts are not ultra wealthy but support these robber barons, for cultural reasons. When they're told play that they play by the rules then they see themselves financing a bailout for minority homeowners. They believe the rich robber barons are going to pick them up on their way to their rich hide-away. They will be here suffering from fewer public services, halved home values and unemployment. In the next few issues we'll get to more details of the smoke and mirrors

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Federal Reserve to make $29 Billion loan to aid4families, to boost economic slump?

Federal reserve board visits aid4families, hours after billions requested.


PRLog (Press Release)Apr 09, 2008 – The federal reserve board reviews 13-3 request from aid4families hours after receiving it. The petition which was announced yesterday to media and on's blog
Aid4families which offers income supplement programs has become a tangible solution to economic disparity in the west. It is very unfortunate that organizations like free medical clinic acts as a doctors without borders in the richest nation. Feed the children has to help americans like a poor nation. Microfinancing is helping grassroots entrepreneur around the world, while rich nations let poverty levels tear down the dreams of more families. There has always been problems with wealth distribution. Academics write papers and blogs, groups organize and protest and lobbying groups like aarp campaign. None of these have caused the furor that has because it was the first organization to offer a tangible alternative to the current regime. The wealth industry has taken little notice of academics, groups and political grandstanding since none of them can cause any significant change in the way they do business. There has been no reason to fear academia or the media because both like politicians are ultimately dependent on proceeds from the spoils of the current system. Advertising, contributions and donations, limit the moral outrage about the crisis. Even if by some miracle new rules are added to regulate the industry, the rules simply go totally unenforced as evidenced by the current global meltdown, that is reported on a delayed basis. Offering to double our depositors savings every year is completely counter-culture to "greed (and corruption ) is good" that still remains the mantra. There is no justification to deny the aid4families application, when it can do so much good. Currently aid4families needs to replace millions in losses and obligations due to industry attacks.

Here are a few previous updates for 2008 confronts rcmp and crowns' defense of financial corruption.

NewswireToday - /newswire/ - Grand Bank, Newfoundland, Canada, 01/31/2008 -, an agency at the forefront against corruption in the financial industry that is currently destroying the world economy, battles indictment..

Principals of elected to move forward with their plea and court election, rather than allow the indictment to be dismissed. The court put the option to the defense after a second court date the rcmp had failed in it's obligation of full disclosure. The court citing disregard of the supreme court of canada from the prosecution and refused to set the trial date. Instead of setting a start date for the trial in june, the court set a deadline for all disclosures by the rcmp/crown on feb. 27. After that date no more disclosures will be allowed, at that time either a trial date will be set or the case could still be dismissed. Punitive restrictions were also removed from the principals. Multiple agencies have conspired with industry to destroy the revolutionary organization which seeks to offer more generous returns to depositors. Bolstered by the current deeply seeded corruption and fraud exposed by the current crisis in the financial sector, finds itself validated and will continue it's unpopular struggle for wealth equity in society. is currently preparing to go before Parliament to address lawmakers on financial social injustice, arbitrary law application among other issues afflicting the global community. seeks to encourage lawmakers and media to foster a truly competitive marketplace in the financial sector. Currently the economy is manipulated by a coordinated cartel. Unlike most organizations critical of inequities caused by the current banking system, aid4families has been the most competitive alternative to the status quo.

Commercial media to aid4families: Revolution will not be publicized

(Newswire Today) — Grand Bank, NL, Canada, 03/03/2008 - There are two reasons for the way media has decided to cover this story; one is malice and the other habit..

One might think that with all the hoopla surrounding fraud cases these days; e.g. Conrad Black, Brian Mulrooney, etc. that aid4families would be dealing with Britney Spears level coverage. From the beginning, media attempted to work in tandem with government and industry in ignoring the program. This, of course, is no surprise since media outlets benefit from the same ill-gotten spoils that the government does from the banking industry. Reuters, the AP and even NPR are downright hiding. Disparaging smears from the AMF and industry hacks on the sham of a website calling itself ( a name that actually suits it) were crawled to the top of search engines. Ai4families recently complained in an OP-ED in the Newfoundland herald and in a CBC television interview, that too many underhanded tactics were being employed by its detractors. Transcontinental media and VOCM lept at the opportunity to side with their RCMP contacts and rushed to paint guilt as a fact. Once informed of mistakes in their reports and after discovering the innocence of the program, both cohorts have returned to the blackout status for nearly six months.

There are two reasons for the way media has decided to cover this story; one is malice and the other habit. The habit is that bad news trumps good news. We offered a solution for working families (who cares), we were charged as crooks (front page plus radio and Tv) it's an industry led coup (back to blackout). We know that the squeaky wheel gets the grease, that you are charged with murder on the front page and when the charges are dropped, you get a mention on page 62. The imbalance is why people live in fear. Everyone is a crook, terrorist, pedophile or murderer. The point is for you to sleep, work, and shop, everything else poses a danger. The malice is that banks are smart enough to dangle out work to lawyers and finance campaigns and spend zillions on all manners of advertising. It is known that you will pay off your credit cards or home a few times before the debt is erased. Escalating fees for accessing your own money is insanity. It is known that every bank has its hand in the cookie jar of subprime profits. No attempts to stop them from operating a website, taking more money from the public, advertising or hell, they still have a media platform to induce people too take more bad advice. This, while the government mortgages your grandchildren wages to keep them afloat. Finally, the joke is on them. Lest we forget, we are on trial for having a popular website and program. This despite government, industry and the media attempts to ignore us into oblivion.
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THE GREATEST DEPRESSION: WHY aid4families told you so.
Trillions, with a capital "T" are flushed down a toilet of imaginary worth. Every week the impossible happens. Last year when aid4families tried to revolutionize wealth distribution, we were laughed at and harassed. The FBI, attorney generals, rcmp and various other muscle for industry agencies masquerading as public and consumer protectors have been asleep at the switch. The CSA (canada's bank protection group) brags in it's annual report about running over 200 new competitors from the market in 2007. Meanwhile the media kept trying to talk the markets up to assist their advertisers. Insane notions like the canadian economy is separate from the american economy (very few economies are separate from the american, least of which the canadian). The hoax was that competition was bad for the public. The governments funnel tax dollars (and imaginary dollars) to the "central banks" who compute it to banks then the banks put large law firms on retainer and buy large lots of media advertising. The other tax dollars are spent persecuting competitors by so-called "regulators"(an interesting choice of terms). So in practical terms the way it plays out is industry sics "their law" enforcement and regulators on any competitors, then their media lackeys hype the downfall of competitors as public safety then cut to a commercial by their benefactors. Like Dr. Phil says "how's that working 4ya?" Actually you don't know yet, since they loathe to tell you anything bad and worst still, if their not quoting industry insiders as news then they actually have a "analyst" give the report. We haven't changed the front page of our website since the end of last summer and it reads like todays headlines. If the governments weren't emptying the taxpayer coffers to keep us from helping people, then you would know how we could remedy this situation in the future. If our website wasn't under industry control, we would be telling you about the bubble that's being blown up for the next explosion. Painfully enough this explosion won't be offered before the next one starts, so we're looking at an explosion inside of an implosion. Oil, gold and a few too many currencies are being blown into superbubble "safe havens". The way real estate had been after the tech bubble burst in 2000 - 2001.

What's really going on? Two things. 1. The largest hoax correction in history. 2. The new world order has become the NOW world order. You thought it would never happen, someone would stop it, no one did. Globalization, "free(slave)trade, you bought it hook, line... Now canada invades countries, now corporations complain to world regulatory agencies that supercede all sovereignty of nations. Exxon made and GM lost 38B last year. Canada and india get america's call centers, mexico gets america's factories and america gets their engineers and doctors. Oh and what did the media tell you? That there were protesters in miami, seattle and quebec making trouble for progress and you believed it. Why wouldn't you? what time do you have to study the situation for yourself? 3 jobs to equal 1 a generation ago. You want more money? work more hours AND be more productive and MAYBE we won't move the company to china THIS year. When you wake up, the money (real and imagined) will be in fewer hands as the central bank cartel exercises more power as they act the way the u.s. administration did after 9/11. Trillions are being funneled to contractors for this oversized training mission to test urban upheaval and high tech gadgetry in iraq. Trillions are being funneled to the Central banking mob "working in concert" the media tells us. Why? because your government doesn't have the money that's being spent to bailout the people who stole the money in the first place, which means YOU! HAVE TO PAY ALL OF THIS BACK, to the government who borrowed from the people they bailed out, who stole it in the first place--simple. You won't do anything about it, gas has tripled, civil liberties trampled but if you do get a wild hair in your butt and decide not to take it, then that's what all the urban warfare and gadgetry is for.

Dorothys' look behind the wizards curtain: The taxpayers $30 Billion gift to JPMorgan

How aid4families pulled back the wizards curtain.

Source: aid4families
Mar 25, 2008 10:58:24

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PRLog (Press Release)Mar 25, 2008Deja vu all over again, it seems like at the beginning of every century the American taxpayer mortgages the wages of the next five generations to JPMorgan and the world financier cartel. The federal reserve, which is as they say; "is as federal as fedex," prevented the markets from running it's course. Year after year, these are the same people screaming, you can't throw money at problems and the taxpayer shouldn't have to pay for mistakes. Who needs welfare queens when you have WELFARE KINGS? offered to prevent this crisis by creating a viable alternative to the bubble--›burst--›bailout cycle that we have been in for the past two decades. The idea was so radical, that it's been labeled everything from subversive to criminal. What would come of the divine dogma of greed based capitalism if it is allowed to be sub-planted by a more compassionate form? Once the crisis could no longer be hidden from the public, the contempt for taxpayer moved front and center. The solution was simple: keep people in their homes and paying their mortgages, then this rouse of a shell game didn't have to collapse under it's own greedy weight. Despite being able to save trillions and the fictional fiat, multiplied into infinity each time the debt was repackaged by leveraging (which allows money to pretend to be a much larger amount in the markets. ex: a $1000 deposit can be represented as 10 or even 100k). To this day, the idea of allowing people to KEEP PAYING THEIR MORTGAGES is referred to as an expensive taxpayer bailout that would cost billions and the GOVERNMENT should stay out of this. Meanwhile the taxpayer spends billions on a bailout...for banks. Too bad Bear Stearns isn't a community in Ohio. Since taxpayers are on the hook for so much debt promised to defense contractors and banks, while their home values and jobs are lost can only mean one thing; America is a third world country, it just doesn't know it yet. As the central banks herd the industalized world into permanent debt camps, you'll notice that the 3rd worldlization(my new term) is on. How do you pass on so much debt and so few gainful job opportunities to future generations. Insurmountable debt and impossibly low wages is what we use as the criteria for the 3rd world. Also, living standards and public services; WHICH CANNOT BE AFFORDED THANKS TO SERVICES OF THE INSURMOUNTABLE DEBT. Cut services/spending and also increase taxes to SERVICE THE INSURMOUNTABLE DEBT. Only thing left after that is for competing international interest to finance proxy wars on your soil.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, the little man tells Dorothy in 1939. The bank of England says it needs to be able bailout banks in secret. Meanwhile the BBA (Britain bankers association) fights depositor protections. The justification is to prevent another run on banks like northern rock and the catagion to Bear Stearns. The private federal reserve company says that it passed the buck to the American taxpayer to prevent the exposure of the great hoax of bank fidelity and aptitude. If Bear Stearns failed then investors and taxpayers may go to every little man behind the curtain of all the big banks and withdraw their money en masse because the illusion of wealth and power would be broken. The banks said hold on, we're all pretending and if we stop then we can't pretend to have the resources for wars and if we can't pretend to have money then we can't pretend to loan money for all of your credit card lifestyle, your home or to business. The right thing to happen is for this ponzi scheme, shell game, pyramid scheme to collapse into the fire but the banks remind you that we're all part of this lie and if they go down the so do you. So the guys from Goldman sachs who run north America, Bank of Canada chairman carney and T-Sec. Paulson are cheerleading bank bailouts. The BOC believes that the banks have received enough money for them to stop hoarding it and get lending back on track to prevent another financial market seizure. What an irony, that America would let a private organization tax the citizens but fought a revolution to prevent a king from doing so. God save the banks.

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