Sunday, April 13, 2008

LMAO ; U think'd u were going

REASON 1.5 Are you on the road to prosperity or is it thanks for playing?

With losses in the trillions, billions per bank, don't expect your ticket in the mail. The magic carpet ride that conservatives tout about letting industry run amok at the expense of the taxpayers, has limited seating. Many are STILL saying that this is the way to go. PLUS tax cuts, PLUS government spending on war contractors, PLUS bailouts, just unrelenting insanity. The problem is that I know what kind of kick-backs these politicians and officials are getting but why are so many regular folk duped. These people, who aren't wealthy and don't actually benefit in any significant way, say more than the people they are defending. They are still screaming that there were WMD's when the administration itself has abandoned it. When it comes to the bailouts for the banks, they complain about billions being proposed for homeowners while giving the banks a free pass. It's reporters making less than six figures and other saps who have to squeeze all of their assets together to get over 100k net worth.

These people should be fighting with the rest of us for more equality in wealth distribution. Unfortunately, they're nameless peons at mega-corporations who hope that the size of their employer inflates their opinion or worth. By abandoning their own self interest, either by misguided principle or a misguided sense of loyalty, they believe the feeling is mutual. Here's a clue. It's not! At the top of the global food chain are these bankers and brokers who have bonuses larger than 90% of the populations salary. Above that is the puppeteer of world economies, the IMF. Now these money generators and king makers are definitely not part of the bottom 98%. Millions in Christmas bonuses (each), bouncing national economies in the direction they deem most selfish. Guess what!!!..... A lot of them aren't going either. They were smug, felt impervious, supported bias economic policies, and their reward.......wait for it.......A pink slip. The IMF is laying off 15% of its God-complex staff. In the past nine months, banks have dropped 34,000 employees and the central banks still have their finger in the dike. Now even the G-7 are saying that restraints are needed. Despite all of this, many of the neo-nuts and corporate media will still be parroting old talking points, defending positions that the actual villains have abandoned. Remember? WMD's not an invasion, not a civil war, not an occupation, not a recession, not a bailout......Well, mission accomplished - LOL :)

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