Sunday, July 13, 2008

How the west was lost

Here we are 18 months into this ill-conceived coup of aid4families. 2 countries throwing every public and private tool at us, while collapsing under the weight of their own ineptitude and corruption. Canadian justice justifying attacks on aid4families, while giving places like BMO and Scotia legal immunity for corruption. Canadians were raped up the ass so bad that they had to start a facebook support group to deal with the largest financial debacle in canadian history. Meanwhile trains and planes in the u.s., u.k. and the eurozone are safe from osama because the public puppets are bringing the west to it's knee's faster than any hi-jacker.

I'm not going to say I fucking told you so for the 1000th time because if you can't face the truth, if no one has the integrity to admit their mistakes NOW, I can't have ANY respect for them. NOT aid4families but WHERE should they have put their money? UBS? NORTHERN ROCK, LEHMAN, FANNIE MAE, SCOTIA, SOCIETE, REAL ESTATE, THE OIL BUBBLE?

All these limp-dick pricks on the internet, that couldn't afford to join the program saying it was a scam are hiding under the blankets in there parents basement. There was never anyway to justify slandering us without justifying the practices of the current public and private financial world. Usually the media loves these fraud stories but the media is hiding from this one. It seems that aid4families will be around long after the u.s. and canada are annexed by hugo chavez. Long after mugabe chases all the corruption out of the u.k. and eurozone. Over the last year and a half the more determined the banks their pawns and surrogates were the worse things got in the global economy. "GOD don't like ugly". People didn't lose confidence in bear stearns, northern rock or scotia abcp because of a smear campaign by some quasi government agency like aid4families was by the amf. They had the government holding them up, the media singing their praises and internet pricks happy to do business with them and yet, nothing can save them. Nor can anything break us.

No dream team just duty counsel from legal aid and the crowns' case is still an empty suit. No wonder they offered us no jail time to avoid the trial. I'm not taking no chances at trial because punks on forums don't constitute facts, bank corrupt practices or malice in the legal system isn't evidence. The ballots are in, the debate is finished and the only undisputed fact is that I am still the only motherfucker who knew what the fuck he was talking about. PERIOD. Who is going to help YOUR victims, who trusted you and put their money elsewhere? That's the only question, that remains, the only one. There's no point in the media hiding, there's no point staying off the forums hoping for a miracle because it's not coming, there's no point adding wrongful conviction to all the other public and private corruption involved in creating and keeping these charges alive.

I never said " no comment" I never "categorically" denied anything, I've been very plain that ANYONE who tells you that I didn't have the means or intention to meet the terms of our program was telling you a goddamn lie! I've been publishing for 9 months straight, telling anyone to put up, that time is passing, so now it's time for everyone to SHUT UP, I actually meant to say SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! Because you wouldn't know a sound investment from a door knob. The longer the central banks and politicians define fraud as organizations that aren't greasing their palm then this current crisis will continue. If they ever find the balls to make these guys play by the rules the rest of us have to or become half as critical of them as they are of us, maybe they could avoid some of these meltdowns in the future(so don't hold your breath).

What's next? The ghost of shylock form the merchant of venice. Shylock looked to have the system show the same vigor on his behalf as it does when it's persecuting. The answer of course is the system reflects society as masters of duplicity. The media, forum punks, banks or government cared what their empty slanders did to the people who joined aid4families and none are lining up to take responsibility for misleading people. But to quote our good friend shylock "And if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?"

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