Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The true definition of a Ponzi scheme.

What is a Ponzi scheme?

A ponzi scheme is an organization with strong ties to private and public centers of power.

A ponzi scheme must first be able to dominate it's image through media outlets who exchange influential positions as experts for ad revenue. Generally, the print, radio or tv organization will quote and or interview from organization/bank (x) while carrying ads for them. It seems reasonable that recently it dawned on everyone that these "experts" would have to disclose if they had a vested interest in the success of the investments that they recommended to reveal their conflict of interest. It would be better if the media outlet would end the segment with how much financing they receive from bank (X), ad revenue and how much investment the organization has in that outlet or any of it's subsidiaries.

A ponzi scheme must wield uncanny clout in the corridors of power. In a situation where there is increasing outrage about using public depositors funds for personal bonuses to keep up exotic lifestyles while failing (at their job to make money), it's nice to know that you will be receiving MORE public funds with no whisper of indicting, raiding, closing, prosecuting or convicting anyone.

According to our blood money recipients (media and government), the economic downturn exposes lack of expertise, fraud and ponzi's like madoff and standford. This economic downturn somehow failed to expose and cause media derision & government assault on scotia/caisse or jpmorgan/bank of america. They hear the public outcry for punishment about the inequity in them going unpunished and spend day and night arresting and running stories about relative small timers whom you've never heard of and don't affect the public at large.

Maybe charles ponzi would be proud of madoff but he definitely would be more proud of the g-8 governments and media outlets, that are still attempting to talk past the crimes by these organizations that brought civilization to it's knee's.

Now exclude these organizations from the ponzi scheme checklist:

This is the type of trivia that has your mind racing to keep all banks from being ponzi schemes. Unfortunately for our corrupt friends in the media and government the law requires guilt to be based on the accepted practices of an industry. This means a judge who doesn't know anything about running a nuclear plant can't simply find someone guilty of acting recklessly at one. The first measure is to find if the person acted in a credible fashion for his/her occupation/industry e.g. it can't be reckless if it is the standard practice and would have been the action of 9/10 other informed professionals.

How this applies to all of the ponzi/fraud cases out there is how can a public constantly exposed to banks expect anything other than those practices listed above. Since these institutions are considered the standard bearers of the industry, how can a prosecutor not look to them for what would be acceptable practice.

You ever notice that most of these people have some banking/brokerage background? It would seem that they picked it up from the source and after watching media and government confer so much reverence and respect on these organizations, figured that this must be the proper way to do it. What a shock it must be to wake up arrested while your mentor continues to receive support. If some of these people are crooks, we know they learned from the best ;)

p to the mutherfkn s

A washington post article referred to bankers as casualties of the economic downturn. The point of the article was actually just to put that lie into the public psyche. It is outlandish right now while it's happening and fresh on everyone's mind that the banks are the culprits. Sell that ad space, dawg!

Here's a refresher: Northern rock a british bank experiences a run(when the legitimate banks are asked to make good on all of their statements and can't).

google some "legitimate names for your future investments: Bnp paribas halt's withdrawals:

UBS helps wealthy steal from federal government. Remember bear stearns and lehman bros.? Oh and don't forget the state of cali FORNia wih AH-nold. Weren't there banks called wachovia and washington mutual once upon a time?

Also governments around the world are creating "bad banks" to buy all the red ink off of the banks balance sheets. So that they can survive and we can pretend that they weren't inept crooks who destroyed 50 years of generated wealth. This is like someone buying all of your debt from you with cash, your bad credit is purchased from you and cleaned up, while you keep your assets. We all could benefit from a corrupt deal like that, hell most of madoff clients would be better off it madoff would have made the list of corrupt titans eligible for a bailout.

What industry and government crony told the post to print this nazi style propaganda?
No wonder all the media outlets are going bankrupt.

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