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Federal Reserve to make $29 Billion loan to aid4families, to boost economic slump?

Federal reserve board visits aid4families, hours after billions requested.


PRLog (Press Release)Apr 09, 2008 – The federal reserve board reviews 13-3 request from aid4families hours after receiving it. The petition which was announced yesterday to media and on's blog
Aid4families which offers income supplement programs has become a tangible solution to economic disparity in the west. It is very unfortunate that organizations like free medical clinic acts as a doctors without borders in the richest nation. Feed the children has to help americans like a poor nation. Microfinancing is helping grassroots entrepreneur around the world, while rich nations let poverty levels tear down the dreams of more families. There has always been problems with wealth distribution. Academics write papers and blogs, groups organize and protest and lobbying groups like aarp campaign. None of these have caused the furor that has because it was the first organization to offer a tangible alternative to the current regime. The wealth industry has taken little notice of academics, groups and political grandstanding since none of them can cause any significant change in the way they do business. There has been no reason to fear academia or the media because both like politicians are ultimately dependent on proceeds from the spoils of the current system. Advertising, contributions and donations, limit the moral outrage about the crisis. Even if by some miracle new rules are added to regulate the industry, the rules simply go totally unenforced as evidenced by the current global meltdown, that is reported on a delayed basis. Offering to double our depositors savings every year is completely counter-culture to "greed (and corruption ) is good" that still remains the mantra. There is no justification to deny the aid4families application, when it can do so much good. Currently aid4families needs to replace millions in losses and obligations due to industry attacks.

Here are a few previous updates for 2008 confronts rcmp and crowns' defense of financial corruption.

NewswireToday - /newswire/ - Grand Bank, Newfoundland, Canada, 01/31/2008 -, an agency at the forefront against corruption in the financial industry that is currently destroying the world economy, battles indictment..

Principals of elected to move forward with their plea and court election, rather than allow the indictment to be dismissed. The court put the option to the defense after a second court date the rcmp had failed in it's obligation of full disclosure. The court citing disregard of the supreme court of canada from the prosecution and refused to set the trial date. Instead of setting a start date for the trial in june, the court set a deadline for all disclosures by the rcmp/crown on feb. 27. After that date no more disclosures will be allowed, at that time either a trial date will be set or the case could still be dismissed. Punitive restrictions were also removed from the principals. Multiple agencies have conspired with industry to destroy the revolutionary organization which seeks to offer more generous returns to depositors. Bolstered by the current deeply seeded corruption and fraud exposed by the current crisis in the financial sector, finds itself validated and will continue it's unpopular struggle for wealth equity in society. is currently preparing to go before Parliament to address lawmakers on financial social injustice, arbitrary law application among other issues afflicting the global community. seeks to encourage lawmakers and media to foster a truly competitive marketplace in the financial sector. Currently the economy is manipulated by a coordinated cartel. Unlike most organizations critical of inequities caused by the current banking system, aid4families has been the most competitive alternative to the status quo.

Commercial media to aid4families: Revolution will not be publicized

(Newswire Today) — Grand Bank, NL, Canada, 03/03/2008 - There are two reasons for the way media has decided to cover this story; one is malice and the other habit..

One might think that with all the hoopla surrounding fraud cases these days; e.g. Conrad Black, Brian Mulrooney, etc. that aid4families would be dealing with Britney Spears level coverage. From the beginning, media attempted to work in tandem with government and industry in ignoring the program. This, of course, is no surprise since media outlets benefit from the same ill-gotten spoils that the government does from the banking industry. Reuters, the AP and even NPR are downright hiding. Disparaging smears from the AMF and industry hacks on the sham of a website calling itself ( a name that actually suits it) were crawled to the top of search engines. Ai4families recently complained in an OP-ED in the Newfoundland herald and in a CBC television interview, that too many underhanded tactics were being employed by its detractors. Transcontinental media and VOCM lept at the opportunity to side with their RCMP contacts and rushed to paint guilt as a fact. Once informed of mistakes in their reports and after discovering the innocence of the program, both cohorts have returned to the blackout status for nearly six months.

There are two reasons for the way media has decided to cover this story; one is malice and the other habit. The habit is that bad news trumps good news. We offered a solution for working families (who cares), we were charged as crooks (front page plus radio and Tv) it's an industry led coup (back to blackout). We know that the squeaky wheel gets the grease, that you are charged with murder on the front page and when the charges are dropped, you get a mention on page 62. The imbalance is why people live in fear. Everyone is a crook, terrorist, pedophile or murderer. The point is for you to sleep, work, and shop, everything else poses a danger. The malice is that banks are smart enough to dangle out work to lawyers and finance campaigns and spend zillions on all manners of advertising. It is known that you will pay off your credit cards or home a few times before the debt is erased. Escalating fees for accessing your own money is insanity. It is known that every bank has its hand in the cookie jar of subprime profits. No attempts to stop them from operating a website, taking more money from the public, advertising or hell, they still have a media platform to induce people too take more bad advice. This, while the government mortgages your grandchildren wages to keep them afloat. Finally, the joke is on them. Lest we forget, we are on trial for having a popular website and program. This despite government, industry and the media attempts to ignore us into oblivion.
Oh yeah, keywords; boobs, celebrity, Obama, Britney, Exxon won't pay, google, yahoo, microsoft fraud, media bias, iraq oil ministry, Lockheed, Haliburton, blackwater, military budget, bubblegum, super bowl, sexy.

THE GREATEST DEPRESSION: WHY aid4families told you so.
Trillions, with a capital "T" are flushed down a toilet of imaginary worth. Every week the impossible happens. Last year when aid4families tried to revolutionize wealth distribution, we were laughed at and harassed. The FBI, attorney generals, rcmp and various other muscle for industry agencies masquerading as public and consumer protectors have been asleep at the switch. The CSA (canada's bank protection group) brags in it's annual report about running over 200 new competitors from the market in 2007. Meanwhile the media kept trying to talk the markets up to assist their advertisers. Insane notions like the canadian economy is separate from the american economy (very few economies are separate from the american, least of which the canadian). The hoax was that competition was bad for the public. The governments funnel tax dollars (and imaginary dollars) to the "central banks" who compute it to banks then the banks put large law firms on retainer and buy large lots of media advertising. The other tax dollars are spent persecuting competitors by so-called "regulators"(an interesting choice of terms). So in practical terms the way it plays out is industry sics "their law" enforcement and regulators on any competitors, then their media lackeys hype the downfall of competitors as public safety then cut to a commercial by their benefactors. Like Dr. Phil says "how's that working 4ya?" Actually you don't know yet, since they loathe to tell you anything bad and worst still, if their not quoting industry insiders as news then they actually have a "analyst" give the report. We haven't changed the front page of our website since the end of last summer and it reads like todays headlines. If the governments weren't emptying the taxpayer coffers to keep us from helping people, then you would know how we could remedy this situation in the future. If our website wasn't under industry control, we would be telling you about the bubble that's being blown up for the next explosion. Painfully enough this explosion won't be offered before the next one starts, so we're looking at an explosion inside of an implosion. Oil, gold and a few too many currencies are being blown into superbubble "safe havens". The way real estate had been after the tech bubble burst in 2000 - 2001.

What's really going on? Two things. 1. The largest hoax correction in history. 2. The new world order has become the NOW world order. You thought it would never happen, someone would stop it, no one did. Globalization, "free(slave)trade, you bought it hook, line... Now canada invades countries, now corporations complain to world regulatory agencies that supercede all sovereignty of nations. Exxon made and GM lost 38B last year. Canada and india get america's call centers, mexico gets america's factories and america gets their engineers and doctors. Oh and what did the media tell you? That there were protesters in miami, seattle and quebec making trouble for progress and you believed it. Why wouldn't you? what time do you have to study the situation for yourself? 3 jobs to equal 1 a generation ago. You want more money? work more hours AND be more productive and MAYBE we won't move the company to china THIS year. When you wake up, the money (real and imagined) will be in fewer hands as the central bank cartel exercises more power as they act the way the u.s. administration did after 9/11. Trillions are being funneled to contractors for this oversized training mission to test urban upheaval and high tech gadgetry in iraq. Trillions are being funneled to the Central banking mob "working in concert" the media tells us. Why? because your government doesn't have the money that's being spent to bailout the people who stole the money in the first place, which means YOU! HAVE TO PAY ALL OF THIS BACK, to the government who borrowed from the people they bailed out, who stole it in the first place--simple. You won't do anything about it, gas has tripled, civil liberties trampled but if you do get a wild hair in your butt and decide not to take it, then that's what all the urban warfare and gadgetry is for.

Dorothys' look behind the wizards curtain: The taxpayers $30 Billion gift to JPMorgan

How aid4families pulled back the wizards curtain.

Source: aid4families
Mar 25, 2008 10:58:24

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PRLog (Press Release)Mar 25, 2008Deja vu all over again, it seems like at the beginning of every century the American taxpayer mortgages the wages of the next five generations to JPMorgan and the world financier cartel. The federal reserve, which is as they say; "is as federal as fedex," prevented the markets from running it's course. Year after year, these are the same people screaming, you can't throw money at problems and the taxpayer shouldn't have to pay for mistakes. Who needs welfare queens when you have WELFARE KINGS? offered to prevent this crisis by creating a viable alternative to the bubble--›burst--›bailout cycle that we have been in for the past two decades. The idea was so radical, that it's been labeled everything from subversive to criminal. What would come of the divine dogma of greed based capitalism if it is allowed to be sub-planted by a more compassionate form? Once the crisis could no longer be hidden from the public, the contempt for taxpayer moved front and center. The solution was simple: keep people in their homes and paying their mortgages, then this rouse of a shell game didn't have to collapse under it's own greedy weight. Despite being able to save trillions and the fictional fiat, multiplied into infinity each time the debt was repackaged by leveraging (which allows money to pretend to be a much larger amount in the markets. ex: a $1000 deposit can be represented as 10 or even 100k). To this day, the idea of allowing people to KEEP PAYING THEIR MORTGAGES is referred to as an expensive taxpayer bailout that would cost billions and the GOVERNMENT should stay out of this. Meanwhile the taxpayer spends billions on a bailout...for banks. Too bad Bear Stearns isn't a community in Ohio. Since taxpayers are on the hook for so much debt promised to defense contractors and banks, while their home values and jobs are lost can only mean one thing; America is a third world country, it just doesn't know it yet. As the central banks herd the industalized world into permanent debt camps, you'll notice that the 3rd worldlization(my new term) is on. How do you pass on so much debt and so few gainful job opportunities to future generations. Insurmountable debt and impossibly low wages is what we use as the criteria for the 3rd world. Also, living standards and public services; WHICH CANNOT BE AFFORDED THANKS TO SERVICES OF THE INSURMOUNTABLE DEBT. Cut services/spending and also increase taxes to SERVICE THE INSURMOUNTABLE DEBT. Only thing left after that is for competing international interest to finance proxy wars on your soil.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, the little man tells Dorothy in 1939. The bank of England says it needs to be able bailout banks in secret. Meanwhile the BBA (Britain bankers association) fights depositor protections. The justification is to prevent another run on banks like northern rock and the catagion to Bear Stearns. The private federal reserve company says that it passed the buck to the American taxpayer to prevent the exposure of the great hoax of bank fidelity and aptitude. If Bear Stearns failed then investors and taxpayers may go to every little man behind the curtain of all the big banks and withdraw their money en masse because the illusion of wealth and power would be broken. The banks said hold on, we're all pretending and if we stop then we can't pretend to have the resources for wars and if we can't pretend to have money then we can't pretend to loan money for all of your credit card lifestyle, your home or to business. The right thing to happen is for this ponzi scheme, shell game, pyramid scheme to collapse into the fire but the banks remind you that we're all part of this lie and if they go down the so do you. So the guys from Goldman sachs who run north America, Bank of Canada chairman carney and T-Sec. Paulson are cheerleading bank bailouts. The BOC believes that the banks have received enough money for them to stop hoarding it and get lending back on track to prevent another financial market seizure. What an irony, that America would let a private organization tax the citizens but fought a revolution to prevent a king from doing so. God save the banks.

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