Sunday, April 6, 2008

Aid4families attacked, world plunges into chaos: coincindence?

Here's a question for you? What bone-headed corrupt act triggered an event as large as hurricane katrina, the great depression and 9/11 combined? Bank collapses, market plunges and worse mark the most dramatic explosion in the modern era. While ignorant people derided our program, trying to steer people back to these doomed firms and banks, we were warning people of the impending destruction. The private federal reserve not only bailed out the wall st. firms (directly like bear stearns and indirectly by giving itself the power to tax the public by "loaning" money it doesn't have to non-banks) but the shams of investor protection called cipf-canada and sipc-u.s. With "assets" the size of a talented brokers book, they were in no position to offer investor "protection". Fact be told, they're not exactly required to. That is the sham that would have been exposed. With a bankruptcy from a firm the size of bear stearns followed by lehman and then the cascading effect afterwards, "the investor protection" sham would have been immediately overwhelmed. The SIPC doesn't have enough assets to pay bear stearns taxes, let alone protect it's investors. Despite this FACT millions of people poured billions upon billions of dollars into these risky wall st. hacks because of a false sense of security, a fraud performed by the industry and government by allowing it to be called sipc. Bernanke says that allowing bear to go bankrupt would've caused a chain reaction as investors would have lost confidence in brokerage after brokerage and the banks would have been plundered soon after. Now since you don't know any better (I'm being very generous) that all makes sense to you, but now indulge me as I translate deceptive double speak into terms you can actually use.

Bear goes bankrupt, then the sipc is suppose to come to the rescue. The sipc would become trustee, move the investments to other firms and make payouts to those who are ELIGIBLE. If by some miracle, the sipc managed to stretch it's resources over the bear calamity then... What would that mean for the rest of investors in tons of other firms that are "protected". What else was wrong is that bear would not have fallen alone. The corruption and fraud was industry wide. The government and regulators had been letting them run rampant and there would have millions of lawsuits based on the fraud of these mortgage backed securities. All the firms and banks had them and considered them good as cash(though now worthless). These firms had bank creditors and private creditors and so there would have been an unending wave of public and private defaults worldwide(it's happening anyway, though it's a little slower).

I want everyone to ask, where was the government when our website was warning the public? where were the regulators? Why are taxpayers bailing out investors and firms, where are all the investor protection organizations? Here's a hint: hiding. Hundreds of articles worldwide about trillions lost and banks hoarding cash and calling loans. Investment house and global institutions public and private fighting insolvency and NOT one mentions the cipf or sipc. They seemed like the maytag repairman with nothing to do but sit on their large ASSEtS, while a well governed, regulated and oiled machine of financial harmony reigned. They actually spent that time like government, courts and regulators calling competitors to the monopoly, crooks and frauds. This is the biggest fraud ever, they never said if a large wall st. firm goes bankrupt that they would skip over the sipc and pass the buck to the taxpayer. This is time for the "investor protection agencies" to shine.

The fact that while the industry wide conspiracy was ripping pages from tom clancy to bring down aid4families, while the world was burning down around them is proof that "God really doesn't like ugly". We're spending this time calling all of our detractors to the carpet. Everyone was determined to steer people towards this industry in an inferno. Maybe taxpayer dollars would have been better spent, averting this crisis. Had regulators, courts and investigators been holding these fraud titans to the same standard, they would have saved EVERYONE the headaches they're experiencing now and in the future. We cited Bear stearns(among others) on our front page last summer. There was a clamour to shame us out of comparing ourselves to these mammoth organizations. Who are we to compare ourselves to a bear stearns? Indeed! Let the industry corruption decide your fate if your a competitor. Let the markets decide the fate of the industry, well the markets are deciding like a M#@%#F%&% RIGHT NOW!!!

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