Sunday, April 20, 2008

If U had a million dollars...U would be broke!!!

REASON: 3.5 ...and your mother dresses you funny.

When I started the first page added to the site was a brief summary of why the program was started called save your life. The title was, you're going to be broke. The point was not to make people feel bad or scare them into the program but to remind them to take an objective look at their situation. Paper millionaires are excluded from the millionaires club and most people don't qualify for that. There are towns where small homes or condos go for more than that. The people residing in them rarely qualify as millionaires, although some technical paper measure may allow them to impress their high school classmates. What any first year broker can often show these people is how their net worth is either much lower or negative. One for sure way, is living well beyond their means. This is a fact for most people (despite the hypocritical cries about sub-prime borrowers). To be a 21st century millionaire in a western hypocrisy, it is estimated that it takes between 21 to 700 million dollars to match a millionaire in 1900. With the worlds worst savings rate and wages devastated by cannibalistic inflation, there was no way the average person was going to survive retirement. What was needed for joe six-pack and susie secretary was what every politician, financier and captain of industry enjoys...A big fat bowl of passive income.

Yes, you would never know it from all the whining about income taxes and capital gains taxes beating leukemia for media and political attention. Most people couldn't get their mind around receiving more money than they earn or having money come from no effort on their part. How quaint the bottom 98% must seem to politicians who make more after they leave office or to brokers and CEOs' who make more in bonuses than pay. The primary taboo that I broke was bringing the unwashed masses to the party. The major arguments are: 1. When I made everyone rich, no one would be rich and 2. The rest of you slugs are too lazy to work if you have money(you have to be starved to be productive). For this they use the lottery example, how rare it is for some inbred like yourself to keep their job after winning and then it is usually wasted doing what the bottom 98% does, which is spend it. The problem with that argument is, the people who get rich setting up these lottery schemes are the ones telling you that you won't have to work anymore, this is the same society that demands you spend every dollar you get and then some and finally, working for no or low wages when you come into a huge sum is stupid. Another issue is that the opposite of what I am doing is the current situation. Whereas I risked everyone having money, we are now in a situation where no one has money. No savings and mountains of debt, even the banks and government(despite tone of accountability).

So if you don't have a million dollars, you're going to be on the side of the road with a sign. It's true! It's a setup no savings, huge debt, no retirement until you earn huge medical expenses AND THEY'RE cutting all the social spending, so us rich folk don't have to help your fat pasty butt. As a broker calling accredited investors, I NEVER talked to a millionaire that didn't have a job. Especially since I was calling them at work. This means that wealth is no deterrent to work(poverty maybe) but not greed. The poor made rich don't always know the game, some athletes and entertainers buy mansions for careers that last maybe 5 years in their twenties. They then turn into tabloid fodder. So why do people who swear by incentive based pay for themselves( and still get huge bonuses for running the company and the economy in the toilet) have so much disdain for the prospect of the bottom 98% making it? Cluck if I know, what I don't like is societies telling you that you chose your situation, while keeping 9 of 10 choices off the table. If people CHOOSE to be poor then they have the right to CHOOSE to be rich. Yet, the stampede to stop you bottom feeders from taking the elevator to the penthouse is incredible. I unlike most of you didn't need aid4families to become a millionaire but instead of creating another rich firm enriching rich people, I went and started a private safety net. Now, I can't stand near windows and have hired a royal food taster, nobody assassinates like banks :)

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