Friday, April 25, 2008

It's going to be better in the good old days!!

Reason 4.5 A world safe for democracy and hitler

As an indicted person with the government attempting to go all hiroshima on your divine rights, you get to review what protections you actually have in society.

Yes, divine rights, in the u.s. they say "endowed by the creator (and or darwinism)with inalienable". This is a long-winded way to say that the government will be on a unrelenting mission to steal your freedom on behalf of various interest to allow others to run amok(my explanation is actually more long-winded:). Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude shall exist in the united states: it says but wait... EXCEPT AS PUNISHMENT FOR A CRIME. This means, wait for it.............SLAVERY IS STILL LEGAL! That's a beautiful loophole, that has been used to banish more people(and per capita)to bondage than any other nation rich enough to not have to. Hitler would have brought peace(eventually)no tyrant in history has wanted endless fighting, they just want to win first. Once you're in total submission you are free to live in peace but as a defeated group it probably won't feel very peaceful.

The jews weren't rounded up, they were actually asked quite politely to leave. They were offered relocation and received fabricated letters from loved ones saying "come on in, the waters fine". Hitler distributed propaganda reminding blacks and africans that they were fighting for their own oppressors. His mistakes were of course, fighting in africa, russia in winter and immediately declaring war on the usa while it was still reluctant to fight him. So when you mix your actual rights with only minor differences in the outcome of world war two, then you will notice that liberty is much more fragile than one might expect. There were no nazi's just people dispatching their military to remake the world in their own image (and WE defeated fascism?). The german public whipped into a frenzy of encroaching danger and humiliation at the hands of their enemy decided the only way to be free was to dominate. This of course led to greater humiliation and submission to it's rivals. That 1 watt bulb is starting to flicker in your head.

If fascism and slavery are alive and kicking, then what freedom do you ACTUALLY have? Actually is the important part because it means that you can't wake up and find it gone tomorrow? Of course this is canada, not germany or the USA, so everyone is free? Canada doesn't offer any protections. In fairness the canadians have only had say for about 25yrs (1982). So they haven't wanted to write down too many things before they secure their own place in canadian society. The constitution and laws are a mix-matched quilt of french and british with a few new things tacked on to look independent. Since most canadians were around in 1982 (and 1882, get it? because the canadian population is old)canada is like an adult child who has moved away from it's british parent. The country still takes pride in england, with the queen on the money and everywhere else(courts, supermarkets, strip clubs). The U.S. is of course the brother who left home at 15. The american bill of rights is a laundry list of rights to own guns and shoot anyone who tries to take them. It took another 70+ years and a bloody war to partially refine slavery and then another 60 to get to women suffrage. Guns = amendment 2, paid slavery amendment 14 and oh yeah women amendment 19. The canadian system like the american one does say you kinda have even more rights even though they aren't enumerated but in practice it's hard to enforce the ones that are. The differences come from history, where america fought a bloody war and wrote the bill of rights as a F-you, the canadians kind of slid into freedom.
Are wars always labeled noble quest? Generally, the american revolution was about taxes, so it actually could have been worked out and a lot of people didn't appreciate the anti-english rants. The civil war was about labor, half of the north didn't want a freed black population coming to compete for jobs, the same area was flooded again as european immigrants came by the boat loads 70 years later. Again the issues remain contempary, immigrant labor, wage stagnation, working conditions, worker rights, taxation, and slave workers keeping production cost low. Your freedoms are endowed by the creator and are inalienable, they are not to be doled out by any society. Societies controlled by the interest of the day, will constantly look to abridge, circumvent and downright steal your rights.

Since I am in my prime (old and young at the same time: with the body of a god and just enough grey to look...distinquished )it means I am still young enough to speak and act with moral imperatives and still not old enough to think that things can't change for the better. I am too old to lash-out through crime or violence from frustation but young enough to not take no for an answer. With mandela free, a Mlk holiday and the end of the cold war, my generation may have believed that there was no more fights for freedom and justice, we would be wrong. the oft cited poem sheds some light: "First they came"
In Germany, they came first for the Communists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist;

And then they came for the trade unionists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist;

And then they came for the Jews, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew;

And then . . . they came for me . . . And by that time there was no one left to speak up."

This poem credited to a reformed nazi, reminds us that the prisons can be full since it's those people in the city and let's build them around the world and skip due process, since neither type profile me. I didn't get my shiny pantsuit or flying car because I didn't know about contracts and production means as a child would stiffle innovation. People have nostalgia for the past always remembering a simpler time, while we keep hope for the future to lift the burdens and yokes that cripple the present. So the truth remains: It's going to be better in the good old days.

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