Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Monkey economics for a banana republic

Monkey economics for a banana republic

Hello to all you first world chimps, welcome to the state of fiat supremacy. We have (under your very noses and fat bellies) created the greatest oligarchy in history. Here's a summary: generally an elite ruling class would need to hoard material wealth, gold, land or other tangibles then control access to them. The fiat oligarchy allows us to create a state of global debt bondage by manipulating keystroke wealth (wealth that only exist in digital form on computer screens). We simply add as many zeros as we like and our wealth grows instantly and without any need for the actual creation or use of anything. What would be considered pathetic cronyism and corruption in the rest of the world is considered sound economic fundamentals in the west. What I love most about our Rothschild style central banking oligarchy is we pick the winners and losers. For over 60 years westerners have felt very privileged to feel a bit better about themselves thanks to fiat debt. A fiat (faux) middle class of people feeling superior to other nationalities and ethnicities because they didn't receive the same access to fiat based credit. Our plan wasn't simply to bloat your ego but to have you become addicted. We were amazed at our success and how so many of you were willing to pay back money plus interest on money that never existed. For a few fiat zeros you guys would sign over your lifetime of work, even though we would never really allow you to "own" anything. When we foreclose on your home it's not to repay money that we lost but to actually allow us to take something of value for our digitized fiat. We'll take your home and all your future wages to pay back money we never really gave you.

It's awesome I'm enamored with our brilliance. So lets talk third world, which ironically no longer exist since the fiat crisis has been a great equalizer. Every nation on the planet is promising another entire generation of bondage to repay a debt based on fiat. The yoke will be higher prices and taxes in a futile attempt to become "fiscally sound" (like we'd let that happen). Have you ever noticed that every government "surplus" is followed by a deficit? The hope of ever escaping digitized debt bondage is only for the morale of the weak minded. Weak minded people who keep trying to pay off credit cards no matter how many times the loan amount is paid. I wish more of you could be part of the elite oligarchy but it wouldn't be elite then would it? God has chosen you and your fellow chumps...oops I meant chimps (sorry) to be part of an indentured/indebted class, like black sharecroppers after the "abolition" of slavery.

Let's go over the details of your banana status. Imperialism created banana republics, most of these former colonial holdings were treated as factories to supply sugar and yes bananas to there imperial predators. Once colonialism was "over" these nations were still stuck with an enriched elite from their feeder nation days. Like diamonds, gold, sugar and again bananas and no indigenous group created Debeers or Chiquita. Then you need first world goods so you can "develop" so you have to sell sugar, rice and yes bananas to buy these things. first it's going to take a lot of bananas to purchase earthmover's and airplanes and even more spiteful the imperial predators subsidize thier farming industry and have you compete against other feeder nations to drive the price of your commodity down. Next comes the idea that they will loan you the money to get on your feet but they will need to be in complete control of your government until the loan is repaid (neo-colonialism--from the west run IMF/world bank). First order of business is to let huge multinationals take over your resources, water, land, oil, gold etc. Second, deprive your citizens of the resources and improvements that you took out the loan for in the first place, so you can lower taxes to create room to repay the loan. Compliance will bring about civil unrest and defiance (trying to use the resources for the citizens) will force them to finance a proxy war, isolate your nation or invade. At the very least you will be marginalized like Chavez for pushing the IMF out of the America's.

Being the xenophobia racist that you are we know that you loathe to empathize with a non-western/white nation. In this instance I think you should make an exception, so that you may familiarize yourself with the procedure that we have perfected on these mud people nations. The funny thing is that the manufacturing & production base have long been sucked out the west, so most western nations don't even have bananas to barter with. We'll have to call you the non-farm having,fishing, forestry, mining defunct, dead manufacturing republics. We've added cars, aeronautics, engineering and medicine to the global list of tradable commodities. So now you will have to prove to me why your engineering work is worth more than that of the son of a rice stomper in china or why your medical opinion is worth more than that of a doctor in rural India. Efficiency drives the marketplace, so we told the banana producers that they would have to grow more and make them cheaper. During the now defunct industrial age, factory workers found themselves competing globally. I'm a little (just a little) sad that we were not able to give you at least a generation of false security in the information age but we all know time is fiat. We couldn't wait to move the call centers and have your x-rays examined half a world away. I really don't know what fat, spoiled, pasty westerners have to offer in this NEW new economy. Actually, I hear that a zoo in the amazon is looking for disillusioned westerners to grow bananas for the monkeys.

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