Sunday, March 1, 2009

War on the money changers: Diangel to continue the work of Christ against caste bank.

There isn’t supposed to be a Christian church and there shouldn’t be a system of oppression by usury.

Churches like banks are nearly incidental. The sacrifice of Christ was to eliminate the system of exploitation by government and temple for a promise of paradise in the afterlife. The church came from people who agreed that they didn’t need to go to temple to reach heaven and chose to have their own meetings for guidance and encouragement. Then the eastern Roman Empire purchased Christianity and helped form the autocratic bureaucracy it became. The money changers would only allow their own coins in the temple and the temple as the only way into heaven. So they were enriching themselves with an ever increasing spread in currency exchanging (forex). There is a belief that the Jews killed Jesus but the reality is closer to bankers. You might consider the radical and heretical issues of undercutting roman rule or religious doctrine but it doesn’t get you killed.

Messiahs are a dime a dozen

In the time of Christ as is the case today, there is no shortage of people who feel inspired by the divine (yours truly included). The FBI ran a program called co-intellpro to thwart the civil rights movement and the rise of a “black messiah” (has there ever been one that wasn’t black?). This makes it clear that whenever a group is oppressing another that they will try to stifle hope by suppressing leadership. In the time of Christ, Judaism and the roman occupation were no different and were very sensitive to the rise of any leader. Christ was a mediocre leader by general standards, his core followers were few, teachings were simplistic and he had neither finance, charisma nor weapons to force change. This lackluster organization has even managed to create the question of whether Jesus actually lived. As a morality tale it predicts one significant omen; you can’t change the world of man without confronting the moneychangers. Put into its proper perspective confronting the moneychangers becomes the turning point in his career and makes him a legitimate hero/threat. Alleviating oppression is the fastest way to prison, execution and assassination. Fighting societal oppression wouldn’t have made Jesus the Christ but it did facilitate his divine destiny of sacrifice. The venom and hatred that forced his execution, allowed him to liberate the poor by becoming their dove of sacrifice. An unassuming man completely broke the back of centuries of religious sacrifice by offering his blood in perpetuity. People of course continue to try to purchase a ticket to heaven but at least they know they don’t have to.

Me and Christ have a lot in common

People have asked me about comparing myself to Jesus the Christ, which I find odd as a Christian. As a Christian you have a responsibility to constantly compare yourself and your life to Jesus. Your entire life is supposed to be a close approximation of his example. In my life the things I share with Christ besides both being celebrities from the bible is a battle with money changers in my 30s. I went to tell the people (this time on a website) that credit and banks weren’t your ticket to heaven. I also demanded a more egalitarian system of commerce. A moralistic difference that simply stated the money should work for people not just the other way around. I even went that extra mile and started giving wealth directly to the masses. This is a hysterical taboo as evidenced by the unrelenting venom obama is facing. There was no shortage of writers and speakers about the evils of the national and global banking system but I did something no one else dared to; I actually fixed it and put the remedy into practice. There can only be so many conferences, books and campaigns, eventually the people need someone to take action and wake up in jail. WWJD what would Jesus do? Indeed! And In deed.

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